Random Thoughts on a Rainy Friday

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Friday


We’re having a rainy Friday here today.  Temps are nice.  A cool 62 degrees last I looked.  (Yes, that’s cool for Coastal Georgia!)  It’s been a quiet day.  A pajama day, if you’d like to know.  It’s been a good day for mulling things over, you know?

Rainy days always make me miss Europe.  And since I just finished a great audio book set on a Scottish island, I’m especially missing it!  The book is The Cafe by the Sea by Jenny Colgan, and it’s one of my all-time favorite books to listen to.  The narrator, Sarah Barron, whisks me away to Scotland and even has me thinking in her Scottish brogue!  This book is a fun, poignant romance that deals with going home, facing your past, and making choices about the future.  (This book isn’t squeaky clean, but I think Flora’s journey is worth reading and thinking about.)


You can hear the first few minutes of the book HERE at Libro.FM.  While you’re there, take a minute to read about this company, and I hope you’ll choose to purchase your audio books from them!  One of the cool things about Libro.FM is that you can support your local bookstore by shopping there!

Okay.  On to more random thoughts.

I’m in a Valentine mood these days!  I fully embrace Valentine’s Day!  I think it’s a fun day to tell people you love that you love them.  YES, we should do this EVERY day, but why not be extra intentional about it on a special day and just CELEBRATE LOVE!  No big gifts required.  Little love notes are perfect!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, and having finished my Scottish love story, I picked up Jane Austen Ruined My Life by Beth Pattillo.  I read this–the first book in a 3-book series–a while back, and it seems just the thing right now!  Sweet, light, Austen references aplenty!  And did I mention that it’s set in England?  Scratches all my itches!  LOL!

Other things on my mind right now:

The Winter Olympics!  I’m SO excited!  And I will be SO sleep deprived over the next couple of weeks!  It’s worth it though, don’t you think?

Sticky Toffee Pudding.  One of our favorite desserts from our time in England.  I need to make it.  This recipe is similar to the one I usually use.

Travel.  Gene and I are headed back to North Georgia soon, and I can’t wait!  My work-related travel starts in April, so I’ve put all those dates on my calendar.  We’re also discussing places we’d like to go this year.  Rainy days like today are perfect for dreaming and making plans for the rest of the year!

Food.  Food is never far from my mind!  I recently wrote a review of Prep Dish and shared how will it works for my family.  Well, a really cool thing happened this week!  Allison (creator of Prep Dish) and I had a fun chat on Facebook Live yesterday!  I shared what I loved about Prep Dish and how I’ve tweaked it for my family.  One of the dishes that came up was Paprika Chicken, and guess what!  It’s on the Prep Dish Menu for next week!  I’m a happy girl!

The rain is coming down harder now, so I think I’m going to grab a blanket and head out to the back porch and rock for a while.  *happy sigh*

Have a great evening!  Leave me a quick comment below and let me know what’s running about in YOUR mind these days!

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  1. I loved your Facebook Live chat with Allison! I still want to try camping with you guys! I wonder if our schedules will play nice?

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