Prep Dish: A Review

Prep Dish: A Review

Do I love Prep Dish?  Yes.  Yes, I do.  I’ve talked about it here briefly, but I want to give you the whole scoop on it today.

I love to cook, y’all!  LOVE to cook!  What I do NOT like to do is figure out WHAT to cook.  Can I get an amen?  Or is it just me?  AND I’m a messy cook, so I destroy the kitchen every time I cook…and I cook a lot.

And then, PREP DISH!!!

Prep Dish is a subscription service that provides weekly meal plans, grocery lists, AND prep instructions.  You buy your groceries, spend a couple of hours in the kitchen, and then you have multiple meals prepped and ready to cook or warm up during the week.  How perfect is that?!?  I know what I’m cooking, and I only make a big mess ONCE!  (Actually, I’m beginning to clean up after myself as I go along!  Somebody tell my mom!}




Here are my favorite things about Prep Dish:

1.  The meal plans include four main meals for the week.  That gives us wiggle room to fix other meals we like and/or room to eat out without wasting food.  (The plans also include a breakfast, a salad, a snack, and a dessert!)

2.  I save a lot of money on groceries because I take the grocery list and shop my pantry and freezer first.  Then I know exactly what I need to buy.  Prep Dish even provides monthly meat and pantry lists which allow me to do bulk shopping either online or at my favorite supermarkets.  (The monthly pantry list is new and is currently being tested.)

3.  The prep instructions make this all work.  I love getting all the prep work done ahead of time.  Then whoever is the first one home on each day can follow the easy “day of” instructions to cook or warm up the food.  All of the instructions are easy to follow and well organized for time efficiency.  (Hint:  Read them all the way through, and then trust them!)

4.  Typically one or two meals are pre-cooked, so we just have to warm them up when we’re ready to eat.  The other meals require very little time to finish up.  Sometimes they just have to be popped into the oven for a while, and sometimes we finish them up on the stove or even in a slow cooker.  (I frequently use my pressure cooker!)  I like the texture of freshly cooked meals more than frozen meals, so this plan works really well for me.

5.  Prep Dish helps us try new foods and new meals.  We eat a lot more produce.  And I hardly ever throw produce away (unlike before Prep Dish).  And Prep Dish uses REAL food!  We use the paleo-ish plan, but there’s also a gluten free plan if you need that.

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Here are a couple of tweaks that we use for our family:

The meals plans are designed for two adults and two kids.  That means it works really well as is for our family of three adults.  I’ve learned to double the meat sometimes so that we have leftovers for later.  I also like to add complex carbs sometimes.  (Hello, brown rice!)  If you have a larger family, just double or triple the ingredients as needed.

I’ve learned that the Prep Dish recipes play it pretty safe spice-wise most of the time, so I like to add extra seasoning.  The recipes are good as is, but since I’m pretty confident in the kitchen, I enjoy playing with herbs and spices and enhancing the flavor that way.

Prep Dish makes our work week easier and healthier! 

And have I mentioned how great the meals are?!?  They’re REALLY great!

Click HERE to read a little more about how Prep Dish works, then choose which subscription level you want to try.  You can choose a monthly plan, a yearly plan, or you can bump up to the premium yearly subscription like I did.  Click HERE to see the details of these options, and then jump down to the links below to actually subscribe.



Premium Yearly

(These are affiliate links.  You are not charged any more for your purchase, but if you order using these links, I will earn a small commission.)

Do you have any questions about Prep Dish?  I’m happy to answer them!  Leave a comment for me, and I’ll reply right away! 


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  1. What a great review! I Second nd everything shared here! Thanks for being the guinea pig and trying it out first!

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