Daily Dime | January 2018

Daily Dime | January 2018


Today I’m linking up with Kristin at Taz and Belly to share 10 photos from the course of a day and tell a bit about what I was up to!  Fun, right?!?

These are pictures from last Tuesday, January 22.  I flew from Savannah, Georgia to Denver, Colorado to attend a sales training conference.

I love the Savannah airport!  The center is laid out in squares, a beautiful nod to downtown Savannah.

Once I got to my gate, I pulled my Kindle and earbuds out of my backpack so I’d have them at the ready.  One never knows if one will want to read or listen, so one must be prepared for both!
The weather on the ground was pretty goopy…
but the sun was shining above those grey clouds!


I connected in Charlotte, North Carolina, another beautiful airport.


Some parts of the airport were less pretty than others!


I landed in Denver and spotted this gorgeous tail art on a Norwegian Air Dreamliner!  (This plane was immense!)


Denver International, yet another gorgeous airport!


Our hotel suite had this awesome little kitchen!  The bedrooms and living room were nice as well.  WaterWalk Hotel Apartments are pretty incredible!


The Georgia girl required an early bedtime after a full day of travel and catching up with my colleagues.  Closed the day out with some reading.  (Isn’t this Kindle cover gorgeous?!?  *swoon*)

Thanks for following along with my day!  Next month I’ll probably feature a much more normal day, so come back and check that out if you’re curious!

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4 thoughts on “Daily Dime | January 2018

  1. Was this a homeschooling-connected conference? That was quite a flight, having to go east before finally going west. Sometimes we have to fly to Arizona before going east.

    Your hotel was lovely, very comfortable looking. I like having a kitchenette when my sister and I travel together because we always snack a lot!! And enjoy a glass of wine at night.

    These Daily Dime posts are fun, aren’t they? I want to do another in February. But if my foot is still causing problems, all of my photos will be taken from the couch!!

    1. This trip was for our training conference for this season of homeschool conventions/trade shows.

      Charlotte is due north of us. When I fly out of Savannah, I usually have to connect in either Atlanta or Charlotte. Both are great airports, so it’s all good! Neither is really out of our way. We just have to make our way to a larger hub before catching the major routes.

      I hope this month of sofa time goes much better for you than you expect! I’m excited hear all that you do! Praying for complete healing and sending big hugs to you!

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