Autumn Adventures – Final Update

Autumn Adventures – Final Update

autumn adventuresYes, this is way overdue!  Better late than never, I say.  Better late than never.  We checked off a few more fun adventures that I really meant to share with you, so I’ll do that now.  My official Autumn Adventures list and link to updates is posted HERE, if you want to peek back and see where I started!

Item #5 on my list was to have my Christmas shopping finished before Thanksgiving.  That didn’t happen, and I gave myself the great big X of incompletion.  THEN I figured out that we had that bonus week between Thanksgiving and the first week of Advent!  AHA!!!  The whole intent of finishing my shopping before Thanksgiving was so that I could more fully focus on Advent.  I did a lot of shopping during that bonus week, so I’m giving myself a big ol’ happy checkmark of completion on that one!  Whew!  That made me feel so much better!  And most importantly, I was able to focus on Advent and Jesus and His amazing love for us!


Item #7 was to take a hike in the mountains, and I told you we DID do that.  I also told you I’d share a few pictures, and then I didn’t.  But now I am!  Here’s a shot of our campsite at the Asheville East KOA and our hike up to Catawba Falls.  We hit a jackpot of autumn color on this hike!

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Item #8 was to write one letter each week to a friend.  That continues to be an epic fail.  I haven’t even sent out our Christmas newsletter yet.  I wrote it, but I haven’t sent it out yet.  Maybe it’ll be a Valentine’s letter this year!

Item #12 was to make a winter/Christmas art project.  Nope.  That didn’t happen.  What DID happen was Hallmark movies and quiet evenings snuggled up on my sofa under a blanket.  And I’m okay with that!

Item #13 was to eat at Alligator Soul.  I nixed that one due to some so-so reviews from friends and the high cost of eating there.  We went to Bella Napoli instead, and followed that with the Savannah Philharmonic’s Holiday Pops concert!  WHAT AN EVENING!  Dinner was great, and the concert was everything a Christmas concert SHOULD be!  We had SUCH a great time!



Downtown Savannah, Georgia

Item #14 was to do two Bakealong challenges from King Arthur Flour.  I did the November challenge and was looking forward to the December challenge.  Turns out that that challenge was for November AND December!  I decided to make another of the Cinnamon Star Breads, but instead of cinnamon I did apricot preserves and brie!  It was seriously good!

So that wraps up my Autumn Adventures list for 2017!  We had a lot of fun, did some of the things we hoped to do, did some fun stuff we hadn’t planned on, and have a few things I want to work on in the future!  Stay tuned for my (month-late) winter list!  Check out some of the bloggers below and see what they’ve been up to!

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8 thoughts on “Autumn Adventures – Final Update

  1. Oh, my gravy, I am so glad to see you here!! Well, of course you are here, but linking up with us. Yay!!!

    I never did my final autumn update and had some last minute successes that made me happy. Maybe I will follow your good lead and write up that post.

    Your fall hike photos are sensational. You really did time that hike perfectly to see the changing colors. Just lovely.

    Yay for a perfect date and wonderful Christmas concert. And for knocking out the bulk of the shopping early. I did better than usual, too, and felt a whole lot less stressed about shopping than I can remember feeling in a long time. I think you rubbed off on me. XO

    1. You’re so sweet, Leslie! Thank you for your kind words! Your encouragement always inspires me! Please do write about the last of your autumn stuff. I want to read about it!

  2. The colours of the leaves on the hike were amazing. Wow. I hear you about the Christmas letter. We usually send out a virtual Christmas letter on Christmas day or Boxing day. Didn’t happen. Then I figured we would do it when we returned from Mexico. Nope. I may resort to a New Year letter. Haha.

    1. The colors! YES! We missed them last year. (We have to travel to get to places with color!) We were SO happy to hit this trail at just the right time! Whew! As for our letters, I think Valentine’s Day would be a good time for them! To show our love to our friends and family, right?!?

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