Currently – November 2017

Currently – November 2017

I’m linking up with Anne of In Residence and Julie of A Hopeful Hood for this month’s Currently linkup!

I am currently…

Realizing: how important stretching is. I’m battling a toe/foot injury that is due, in part, to my leg being so tight. Who knew?!?

Stirring: soup! And cranberry wassail! #helloautumn

Appreciating: cooler temperatures. Hallelujah! We’ve not seen 90s for a week or two!

Investigating: how bail works. Just out of curiosity, I promise! I love learning, don’t you?!?

Following: college football. Go Dawgs! Sic ‘em! Our beloved Georgia Bulldogs are having themselves a great year so far!

So there’s a quick glimpse into my world these days. We’re also heading out for a weekend of camping. I’m looking forward to wearing sweatshirts and, hopefully, seeing some autumn color. Woohoo! It’s finally cool enough to camp!!!

What are YOU currently up to?!?

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7 thoughts on “Currently – November 2017

  1. Haha “asking for a friend”? But now that you mention it, I really don’t get the concept of bail. Might have to do a little research myself 🙂 And I had to learn about stretching the hard way too – it pays to keep it up!

  2. Bail, huh? I could research it all day long today (or anything else for that matter) and forget all I learned by tomorrow. Sad how that works lately.

    Love your graphic. So simply beautiful.

    We are finally out of the 90s (I think), too. Sleeping with the windows open at night, and waking to birdsong in the morning makes me feel like I am camping…almost.

  3. Two things that I’ve literally never ever thought about before this post: how bail works, and cranberry wassail. Hahaha thanks for pointing out how there’s so much learning left to do in life! 🙂

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