Currently – October 2017

Currently – October 2017


I’m linking up today with Anne at In Residence and Dana at Something Good for this month’s Currently!

On this first week of October 2017, I am currently…

Styling:  outfits from the Get Your Pretty On (GYPO) Fall Style Challenge.  These challenges are always a lot of fun and incredibly helpful.  They’ve taught me how to shop wisely AND how to stay on trend!  Here are a few of my favorite outfits so far.  (The Fall Work Wear Capsule is available now!  Yes, that’s an affiliate link!)


Saving:  time and money by using Prep Dish.  Prep Dish provides weekly meal plans and more importantly, well-organized instructions for preparing the meals.  Watch for a full review of my experience with Prep Dish REALLY soon!



Searching:  for Christmas gift ideas.  One of the items on my Autumn Adventures list is to enjoy Christmas shopping by doing it earlier.  If I want hand-crafted gifts, for instance, I know I need to get them ordered soon.  (I’m looking at you, Etsy!)


Picking:  books I want to read and restaurants I want to try.  I’m currently reading The War that Saved My Life, another fantastic recommendation by Modern Mrs. Darcy.

Photo from Amazon


Making:  time for a special treat!  I’m treating myself to an afternoon out tomorrow!  Books and food MIGHT be involved!  Stay tuned for all the details!

What are YOU currently up to!  Leave me a comment and let me know!


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15 thoughts on “Currently – October 2017

  1. Always on my “picking” list – books and restaurants! If only there were more time and money for both 🙂 Which makes me super jealous of your planned afternoon out. Enjoy!

  2. Yay for an afternoon out! I really need to start purchasing Christmas gifts too, and I want to make some, so I need to figure those out too!!

    Ooh PrepDish sounds great!!


    1. Yes, you definitely should! I’m a major extrovert, but sometimes I enjoy doing things like this by myself. I can take as long as I want, and I’m not frustrating a soul! Bliss!

      1. Where did you get your navy dress? You look so sensational in it! I am eyeing the one available through Old Navy – price is definitely right – but I think I better try it on tomorrow before committing.

        Your graphic is scrumptious. While I enjoyed the food in Germany, I missed veggies. Didn’t really have many while we were over there with the exception of bell peppers at breakfast…delish!

        Enjoyed the WWII book you are reading myself. Visited Dachau. Would like to have gone to Ravenbruck but just not enough time.

        1. Hi, Leslie! The navy dress is from Old Navy. I caught a great deal, so even if lasts only for a year, I’m happy! Thanks for the kind word about my graphic! Canva is a great tool and is easy to use. We went to Dachau years ago; what a painful but important place to visit. I hope your visit to Germany was really wonderful!

  3. Hi.
    For styling, I redid my whole wardrobe with Danskin Action Wear (yoga). If Jennifer Aniston can do it and wear it all day long, so can I!
    Saving-Bunched high interest cards (24.9% yikes!) into one low interest (4.99% with no expiration) Froze my credit. Stopped spending. I’m done!
    Searching-perfect gift for daughter turning 40 (OMFG!)
    Picking-new library book”Love Your Life. Not Theirs’.
    Can’t wait to hear about your special day. That’s one thing you can’t DIY. Lucky, lucky you. Enjoy.
    Making-lunch today was slow cooked pulled pork and home made cole slaw. Delish!

    1. You’re killing me with the yoga wardrobe! LOL! Hooray for financial goals! Birthday gift. Hmmmm. Can’t help you there! Your library book sounds good! Pork and cold slaw!!! Add some baked beans, and I’ll head over to your house! Can’t wait to tell y’all about my day! It was lovely!

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