Thinking About…Stopping for Grief

Thinking About…Stopping for Grief

You know how when someone dies everything should just stop? The world should just stop. We’re stunned with grief. Stop.

Yet the sun shines; people buy groceries or go to work. It’s not right.

My aunt died last week. I went to her funeral on Tuesday. We’re blessed in South Georgia to still have escorted funeral processions as family and friends move from the site of the funeral to the cemetery.

Crisply dressed law enforcement officers stood at attention, wearing white gloves and holding their hats over their hearts. They stopped traffic at each intersection we drove through.

The world stopped.

For just a few minutes.

And it felt right.

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4 thoughts on “Thinking About…Stopping for Grief

    1. Thank you, Cindi! We miss my aunt, but she is healthy and whole in heaven with our Lord! That brings MUCH comfort and peace! Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. So very behind on my blog reading. And so sorry about the passing of your aunt. We have police escorts for funeral processions here, too. I got behind one running late to the airport on the way to Germany. Had to take a moment to adjust my attitude and to recognize that while I was on my way to adventure (if I got to the airport on time), others were mourning the loss of someone dear to them. You are so right. The procession made me stop, catch my breath and say a prayer for those mourning and to count my blessings. Glad to read your aunt is free of pain in her heavenly home.

    p.s. I started a post on grief yesterday but haven’t gotten very far. You have inspired me to finish. XO

    1. Oh, goodness! Stopping when you were on your way to the airport was a brave thing to do! That would’ve been a hard decision for me to make. Thanks for your kind words.

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