Autumn Adventures 2017

Autumn Adventures 2017

Ahhhh!  The first day of autumn!  We saw the first glimpses of autumn color a couple of weeks ago when we were in Asheville, North Carolina, and today here in Savannah we have a predicted high temperature of only 89 degrees!  Yes!  We’re headed in the right direction!

autumn adventures

It’s time to plan fun adventures for the new season, y’all!  I did this for spring and for summer, along with some bloggy friends of mine, and it’s been a lot of fun!  I’ll post a final update on my Summertime Fun List tomorrow, but for today, here is my Autumn Adventures list!

  1. Have a picnic in Forsyth Park in Savannah.
  2. Go to the beach at least once.
  3. Take a Master Class at the Savannah Food & Wine Festival.
  4. Take a road trip to Eifel Acres Farm in Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with friends.
  5. Finish most of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.  (So that I can…)
  6. Focus on Advent.
  7. Take a hike during peak autumn color in the mountains.
  8. Write one letter a week to a friend.
  9. Eat from a food truck.  (Hoping for The Big Cheese truck!)
  10. Attend a local book store event.  I’m looking at you E. Shaver, Bookseller!
  11. Make an autumn art project.
  12. Make a winter/Christmas art project.
  13. Have dinner at Alligator Soul in Savannah.
  14. Do two of King Arthur Flour’s bakealong projects.
  15. Continue to have intentional meet-ups with IRL friends.  (A favorite from my summertime list!)

What adventures do YOU have planned for the new season?!?  Let me know in the comment section below!  I love to chat with my readers!

[Want to see which of these adventures we completed?!?  Here’s Update 1, Update 2, and the Final Update!]

And click below to see what my friends are planning for autumn/spring, depending on their side of the equator!

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10 thoughts on “Autumn Adventures 2017

  1. That’s a great list. I especially like the sound of the cooking/ baking events & the IRL catch-ups. We get so busy that we tend not to give our friends as much real face time as we should. Enjoy Fall.

    1. Coffee with friends has required advanced planning, but it’s been SO much fun! It’s really important, isn’t it! Looking forward to autumn baking too! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. When we lived overseas we had to shop and ship early to get the cheaper shipping rates. I want to get back in that habit! I love Christmas shopping, but I don’t want that to take over the whole month of December!

  2. Love your pretty graphic. So glad you joined us. When I read ‘go to the beach’ I thought I was reading your summer bucket list post! Ha! Lucky you to still be able to ‘beach’ in the fall!

    I would like to investigate this King Flour baking stuff. Have wondered if maybe we could all do a virtual cookie exchange as the holidays near. I think that might be great fun.

    I have been saving pennies to help ease the financial strain at Christmas. I really want to simplify the gift-giving this year and want my daughters to do the same for me. So maybe I, too, can get my shopping done in order to focus more on the reason for the season.

    1. Thanks for the kind words about my graphic! I love me some Canva! Beaches around here in the summer are way too hot and way too crowded! I’m looking forward to getting out there! I think I’ve been only a couple of times this year. Hooray for baking and simplified gift giving! Thanks for leading this link-up again, Leslie! It’s a fun one!

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