TBB Asks – August 2017

TBB Asks – August 2017

Today I’m having fun with The Blended Blog!

Pool, lake, or ocean? Lake for kayaking.  Ocean for listening to the waves and just resting.  Pool on occasion for laying out and swimming.

Camping, cottage, or hotel? Tent camping when it’s cool enough.  Cottage in the mountains in the fall.  Nice hotel anytime.

img_1615-399174483-1502055481756.jpgFavorite ice cream flavor? Today it’s Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso Ice Cream because I’m on vacation and calories don’t matter.  On normal days it’s Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup.

PJs, nightgown, t-shirt/shorts, or birthday suit? What a question!  Nightgown.

Fave summer beverage? Sweet tea.  (I use Trim Healthy Mama’s stevia so I can drink a gallon if I want to!)

Would you rather be hot or cold? Cold.  I can always put on more clothes.  Here in Georgia when it gets crazy hot, one can take off only so many clothes…and still be hot.

Sandals with heels or flats? I love high heels.  My arthritis does not.  So I have to go with flats on this one.

Shorts or skirts? Dresses!  But I like shorts too if they fit well.

Sit in the the sun or the shade? Shade, please.  Unless I’m trying to get some sun, then sitting in the sun works better.

Water, tea, or soda? Tea tea tea tea tea!  ALL the tea.  Sweetened with THM stevia, please.

Fave summer fruit, vegetable. Blackberries.  Squash, maybe?  I like nearly all veggies.

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset.  Sunrise comes WAY too early.

Bike ride or walk? Walk.

Winery or brewery? Winery.

Garden or no garden? No garden if I’m expected to plant and tend it.  I’ll happily eat stuff from others’ gardens though.

Big summer concert or music in the park? Music in the park.  Was just listening to The Threadbare Skivvies play at the farmers’ market at Serenbe village just outside Atlanta.  Check ‘em out!  (Isn’t that the best name ever?!?)

Fave cookout food? Chicken if my husband grills it.  He’s the best chicken griller in the world!

Dine indoors or patio? Indoors if it’s too hot or too cold outside.  Patio on those magical days when the weather is juuuuuuust right or a little cool.

Fave summer destination? Camping in the mountains.  Summers here are usually too hot for the beach.

Big theme park or local carnival? Local carnival.

Drinks blended or on the rocks? On the rocks.  Blended sweet tea would just be wrong!

Popsicle or freezie flavor of choice? Cherry, please!

Hot dog or hamburger? Depends on the day!  Usually hamburgers, but there are days I totally crave a slaw dog, or a chili dog, or a chili cheese dog.  (Ask me how many Franks’ Franks chili cheese dogs I ate when I was pregnant with my daughter!)


What fun!  What are some of YOUR preferences from this list??? Leave me a comment and let me know!  I ♥ follow-up chats!


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7 thoughts on “TBB Asks – August 2017

  1. I’m with you on the sunrise, much too early. Sweet tea is so interesting. I’ve never had it. What mountains do you go camping in?

    1. Hi, Danielle! Thanks for stopping by! You’ve never had sweet tea?!? LOL! Here in the south we drink a LOT of tea! Most of us like it sweet, but some drink it not sweetened. We’re on the coast of Georgia, so when we go to the mountains it’s usually the Blue Ridge or Smokey Mountains. Both are part of the Appalachians.

      1. Nope. I have never had sweet tea. It’s not a thing here in Canada. We have a pop drink called iced tea that sweet but not in the same way. Haha. I remember being in North Dakota or Las Vegas and seeing sweet iced tea and just about ordering it when I was reminded that is NoT the same as in Canada.

        Cool. The Appalachians sound nice. Never seen them either. I do believe the Appalachian trail goes all the way up to the East Coast in Canada

  2. Ooo, ooo, chili dogs!!! Mmmm. With cheese and onions. Delish.

    Isn’t that Halo ice cream/yogurt? fabulous stuff? And guilt-free. But when on vacay, I am with you…so glad to know calories don’t count.

  3. My two favorite HaloTop ice cream so far are Salted Caramel and S’mores. I expected to like Salted Caramel but the S’mores took me by surprise. Loved reading your answers! Happy summer!

  4. Love that pic of you in those shorts! So cute! “Sunrise comes WAY too early” made me literally laugh out loud! As usual we have such different answers but I love that we can still be friends! 😙

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