Savannah Bananas!

Savannah Bananas!

Last night we went with some good friends to see our first Savannah Bananas baseball game and had a blast! I’m not really a fan of baseball, but I rapidly became a Bananas fan!

The Savannah Bananas?!? I can hear you rolling your eyes! It’s a horrible name, right?!? Alas. This is what happens with the public is allowed to vote on the name of the team. (Whose idea was it to trust “the people” with such an important decision?!? LOL!)

Unfortunate name aside, this team knows how to throw a good party! That’s exactly what the game felt like to me; lots of fun and a little baseball. That totally works for this girl! Never fear, our friends ARE fans of baseball, and they enjoyed the baseball part of the evening! Here are a few pictures from last night’s party/game.

More on the Savannah Bananas another day! I’ve GOT to tell you about the nachos we got! Stay tuned!

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