Currently – May 2017

Currently – May 2017

Today I’m linking up with Anne and Nancy for this month’s Currently!  This month we’re sharing what we’re currently baking, listening to, loving, planting, and remembering.

I am currently…

Baking:  shortbread!  I got a GREAT deal on some mini cookie cutters at World Market just before Easter, and I knew I just HAD to make shortbread to take to our family Easter gathering!  They turned out so stinking cute!

Listening to:  Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead.  I think I should have read this book instead of listening to it.  I didn’t love it, and I think it might have been because (1) I missed that the first part was a prologue.  That really muddied the waters.  And (2) I wasn’t aware that the author re-imagined a lot of the story.   I just kept feeling like I missed chunks of the story.  Maybe it’s a bit disjointed, or maybe I just wasn’t listening well enough.  Did YOU read it?  What did YOU think about it?

Loving:  exploring new places.  I arrived in Alaska yesterday and am just gobsmacked by the beautiful mountains and rivers!  Oh my word!


Planting:  these little feathery cuties called celosia!  I meant to stagger them in a circle shape, but I forgot the stagger part!  I planted them in a lovely circle around our bottle brush tree and then, like, three days later I noticed that I hadn’t staggered them.  Now they look like little druid flowers dancing their little druid dance around our tree!  They make me chuckle every time I see them!

Remembering:  how important my bullet journal is to my productivity.  The last few weeks I’ve had to really buckle down and get a LOT of stuff done to get ready for some of my homeschool conventions and vacation.  I didn’t want to get panicky over all that had to happen, so  I asked God to help me focus and used my bullet journal to track my massive To Do lists.  You know what?  I got a TON done, all the important stuff and the vast majority of the less important stuff.  I was able to work through my lists and hit the road with a calm heart and mind.  I’m so thankful!

Let me know what YOU are currently baking, listening to, loving, planting, and remembering by leaving a comment!  I’d love to hear from you!

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8 thoughts on “Currently – May 2017

  1. We love shortbread! And those cookie cutters are so cute! I’ve heard good things about the Underground Railroad but haven’t read it and probably won’t anytime soon. My to read list is just so long right now! I want to visit Alaska so bad! My parents are going on a cruise in June and I’m so jealous. I love your celosia! So pretty and colorful! I used to bullet journal but switched to a Happy Planner. Regardless, I just need a planner in my life to help me function. Thanks for linking up!

    1. I’m going to have to scope out the Happy Planner! And those cookie cutters! I need more of them in my life! Definitely come to Alaska sometime. I’m here for work then vacation and so grateful for the opportunity! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a note for me!

  2. Mmm, shortbread – and bonus that they’re adorable. Love the lovely ring of flowers too. And have so much fun in Alaska – looks amazing!

  3. Oh, visiting Alaska sounds like it would be a lot of fun – enjoy!

    Mm…those cookies look great.

    I’m glad your bullet journal helped you tackle your To-Do lists!

    1. This place is just stunning, Jennifer! Drove through rain, slush, and snow tonight getting back to Anchorage and then saw an AMAZING sunset! Crazy!

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