Alaska – Whittier

Alaska – Whittier

This is Whittier, Alaska which sits on the shore of Prince William Sound in the Chugach National Forest!  About 200 people live here, and 90% of the 200 live in the tall apartment building you see in the middle of town!  (Just think about that for a minute!)

This lovely piece of paradise gets 15 FEET of rain and 20 FEET of snow each year!  FEET, y’all!

We traveled to Whittier for a glacier cruise (a new post, coming soon!).  We drove through the Anton Anderson Memorial tunnel to get to Whittier.  The tunnel is only one lane wide, is about 2.5 miles long, and is shared by cars and trains!  Cars going TO Whittier are allowed through for 15 minutes on each half hour (2:30, 3:30, etc), and cars coming FROM Whittier are allowed through at the top of the hour.  More info here!

The town itself may not be much to look at, but the marina is GORGEOUS!

Stay tuned for that post about the glacier cruise we took from here!

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    1. Yes! A really, really wonderful day! Can’t wait to share more pictures! I’m going to need two more weeks off work just to catch up on my blogging!

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