Alaska – The Pipeline

Alaska – The Pipeline

You have have heard me talk about my upcoming trip to Alaska for months now, and I’m finally HERE!!!  Hooray!  I worked trade shows (homeschool conventions) in Soldotna and Anchorage last week and have one more to do in Fairbanks this week.  Work comes first, obviously, but we’ve had little bits of time here and there for adventures!

We were driving to dinner yesterday when I pointed out the window and asked my colleague, “Is that the Alaska pipeline over there?”  When she said that (1) yes, it was and (2) we could stop and look at it, I could’ve just jumped up and down!


Way back in my school days somewhere I remember learning about the Alaskan pipeline.  The things I remembered most were that it was really big and that parts were above ground, leaving room for wildlife to get under it.  I never ever dreamed I’d get to see it!

It IS big…in length!  It’s 800 miles long, to be exact!  What surprised me is that the pipe itself is only 48 inches (4 feet) in diameter!  I expected it to a lot bigger than that!

Only 380 of the 800 miles of the pipeline are underground.  The elevated portions DO allow room for caribou to get under it.

At the display/educational area we stopped at, a “pig” was on display.  Did you know pigs float through the pipeline?!?  We’re not talking oink oink pigs here, so it’s all good.  Here’s a picture of a pig.

See!  No bacon is hurt in the pigging of the pipeline!

Some pigs clean the walls of the pipeline.  Others sense irregularities in the walls or check for corrosion.  Apparently some pigs are “smart” and can do even more wondrous tasks!  WHO KNEW?!?

I love learning new things!  Don’t you?!?

(Most of the facts I quote in this post come from this website.  Just in case you were curious!)

Stay tuned!  I’ll be sharing more of my Alaska adventures in the days ahead!

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