Kayaking Season Begins!

Kayaking Season Begins!

Last Saturday Gene and I hit the water again, and it was only FEBRUARY, y’all!  What what?!?  The weather here in Coastal Georgia is always…interesting.  But if February wants to hand us temps around 80, we’re going kayaking!

We paddled at George L. Smith State Park last summer and LOVED it!  I nearly had a heat stroke, but I also got some great photos!  You can see those here.  This time the pond looked a lot different because it’s winter (in name only).

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking!









Both the cypress and tupelo trees are deciduous, so they’re looking pretty bare right now. Give them a few weeks and they’ll look totally different!











The tannic acid from the cypress trees turns the water into a mirror! A couple of times I turned a corner and had a moment of vertigo! For a second or two my brain couldn’t figure out which way was up!


We sure did have a good time, and we’re looking forward to getting back out there before the heat gets dangerous!

Do YOU like to kayak?  Do cypress trees (or swamps) creep you out?!?  What are YOUR favorite state parks?  Leave me a comment, and let’s chat!

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4 thoughts on “Kayaking Season Begins!

  1. Cypress trees and knees are art in my book. And so are your photos! The one with the fingers of sunlight slipping between the trees is fabulous. I bet that water was chilly. Looks very deep, too. Glad to see you kids wearing flotation vests.

    1. The water WAS chilly! Putting in was extra special since the water temp is still so low! And yes, we always wear our vests. We know if something happens we MUST have them on. If I (accidentally) whack him in the head with my paddle he is not going to have time or ability to put his vest on! It needs to be in place already. #safetyfirst #ipromisenottohithimonpurpose

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