Currently – March 2017

Currently – March 2017

HOORAY for the monthly Currently link up!  Currently I am…


Photo from Face Off website.

WATCHING:  Face Off on the SyFy channel.  I’ve watched several seasons of this show and really enjoy it!  Each week the artists have different movie makeup challenges; they create everything from aliens to monsters to snow queens!


EATING:  Strawberries!  They’re in season, and I’m a happy girl.  I buy them year ’round, but I like the prices this time of year!


SAYING:  “Where’s the sunscreen?” and “When are we going camping?”  We’re pushing 90 degrees today, y’all!  We have to get out there and have some fun before the REAL heat arrives!



WEARING:  The awesome happy camper cap my husband gave me for Valentine’s Day!  YAY!!!



POSTING:  This photo from our recent paddle at George L. Smith State Park near Metter, Georgia.  I asked my sweet man to pretty please snag a few pictures of me while we were on the water.  He did well!!!  I rushed this baby straight to Instagram where my outdoor peeps showed it a little love!  (I’m if you’d like to follow me!)   HERE are more photos from this paddle!

Now it’s time for a big shout out to the hosts of this here link up, Anne and Carrie!  Be sure to pop over to their blogs to see what they’re CURRENTLY up to!  And Leslie’s blog!  She’s a great story teller, so you don’t want to miss hers!

What are YOU currently watching, eating, saying, wearing, and posting?!?  Link up on Anne’s blog or leave me a comment!  I LOVE hearing from folks!  #extrovert #talktome

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9 thoughts on “Currently – March 2017

  1. Thank you for the mention, sweet friend. What a stunning photo. The water, the sun reflecting on it, the trees. Oh, my gosh! But were there mosquitoes, too? Are you asking where’s the bug spray?
    My daughter Brennyn watches Face Off and mentioned just yesterday that she has Cady, my 6 year old daughter watch, too. She uses it to demonstrate how the monsters and zombies and ghouls on TV and in the movies are created with costume and cosmetics. Cady is still scared of zombies, though, and sleeps with her mommy 9 nights out of 10.

    1. Thanks! I really love that shot! No mosquitoes yet, so it was extra lovely out there. The bug spray will come soon, sadly. (Well, I guess the frogs have to eat too, huh?) Poor Cady! I’m glad Face Off doesn’t scare her. It’s fun to watch the artists work, and I love that it doesn’t have made-up drama. It’s just the artists trying to figure out how to complete the challenge well. That has plenty of drama in itself! Thanks for stopping by and for giving me a shout out! xoxo

  2. Oh man I would be a happy girl if I lived somewhere that strawberries were in season now… my favorite! Around here we wait until June. And what a great photo of you paddling – sounds like a lovely outing with your main squeeze 🙂

  3. Strawberries have always been one of my absolutely favorites! Berries are just so good for the body. Thanks for linking up with Currently!

  4. Hey there! You look so cute in your hat! I am not a hat person, but love the way they look on others. Your husband did a good job capturing you kayaking! I’m feeling you with the weather. I noticed my face was looking tan on Tuesday morning and said I needed to get some more sunscreen. It’s supposed to cool down this weekend so enjoy it while it lasts!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment! Yes, it’s definitely time for sunscreen and CAMPING! (And thanks for the kind words!)

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