Of My Grandmother and Midnight Popcorn

Of My Grandmother and Midnight Popcorn

Wow.  Life has been pretty nuts the last few weeks, and I’ve not done a lot of writing/posting.  A big reason for that is because my heart has been weary.

My grandmother passed away unexpectedly the first week of January. As I rushed to the emergency room and then spent a day or two (it seemed like weeks) at the hospice center, I thought back on my memories of Grandma.

Grandma used to take me to town with her sometimes when I was little. We’d go to Pic N’ Save, and she’d always buy me a little something.  Usually it was a new nightgown, seems like.  I distinctly remember getting chicken boxes at Chic-King.  That’s where I learned to love fried chicken livers!

And then there’s midnight popcorn!  All the cousins gathered at Grandma’s house for a sleepover, and she made midnight popcorn for us.  The way I remember it, the first time really WAS at midnight, but at a later sleepover(s), I think the popcorn came before midnight!  I’m surprised my younger cousins remember midnight popcorn, but they do!

Happy memories!  And lots of them!

Here’s what I really want to say today:

  1.  Treasure your family.  Savor your time with them.
  2. When you feel prompted to do something, do it.

Here’s why I want to say that:

I was off work the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and I felt prompted by God to go see my grandmother on that Wednesday. I invited my daughter to go with me since she was off work that day too, and she decided to ride along.

We drove the hour or so to Grandma’s house and went to lunch with her and my mom.  Four generations sharing a meal at the Western Sizzlin’ was a beautiful thing!


Eight days after we had this time together, Grandma passed away.  She’s with the Lord now, and we rejoice for that!  And we mourn. We miss her.

You can imagine how very, very thankful I am for that prompting from God. I’m thankful Cassandra and I decided to following that prompting. And I’m thankful we took a picture!  What blessed gifts!

During the death of Grandma and additional heartbreaking situations we faced last month, God encouraged us every step of the way.  He is faithful.

Happy memories. Laughs even while we grieve. Hugs from friends and family. Prayer cover from those who love us.  Phone calls and notes from our church family. Kitty snuggles. Campfires in the backyard. Blessings all.

To God alone be the glory.

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7 thoughts on “Of My Grandmother and Midnight Popcorn

  1. Thank you for this. I felt the prompting too so mom and I went shopping today (TJMaxx). I spent too much and she spent 0. We had fun! Then we tried a new-to-me coffee place, in the mall of all places, and the owners are from Tuscany and the serve Lavazza!

    It *has* been a rough month. A constant reminder that we are sojourners here.

    1. Hooray for time with your mom! I’m glad you found some good stuff! And hooray hooray for a new coffee place! LAVAZZA!!! Thanking God for seeing us through and blessing us with happy moments.

  2. I am so glad we took that picture! She was doing very well that day and so enjoyed y’all joining us for lunch. As you said, embrace (by phone, text, snail-mail letter, or in person) those you love and don’t put it off! I loved my every Wednesday with Mama. Wednesdays aren’t quite the same.
    I love you, my dear firstborn! Mama

    1. I think of you and Grandma every Wednesday. Thank you for demonstrating “honor your parents” by taking such good care of her. I love you very much, Mama! I arise and call you blessed!

  3. Popcorn is delicious anytime but made by your grandma at midnight must be THE BEST! Glad you were prompted to visit your grandmother and that your daughter went along. We never ever know what the next day might bring.

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