Currently – February 2017

Currently – February 2017

It’s time to link up with Anne from In Residence and Erin from Teal & Polka Dots for Currently!  I love seeing what others are up to!  The “assigned” topics change each month, and that’s always fun too.  Tell us what YOU are currently packing, jonesing, texting, reading, and hearting by linking up or leaving a comment!  (I love comments!  Comments are my favorite!)

Here we go!  I am currently…


Packing:  tasks into my bullet journal (BJ).  During January I ended up using my BJ more as a regular diary than as an organizer.  I missed my lists!  LOL!  I’ve moved my To Do lists off the kitchen whiteboard and back in my BJ where they belong.  *happy sigh*




Jonesing Craving:  a camping trip.  Winter weather here in Georgia is just about PERFECT for camping, and we NEED to get back out there!  It’s going to happen soon!  (We hope!)



Texting:  travel ideas to my husband and (grown) kids.  We’re planning a trip to ALASKA!!!  Our son is stationed up there, and we’re looking forward to seeing him as well as exploring that beautiful state.



Reading:  The Highly Sensitive Child: Helping Our Children Thrive When the World Overwhelms Them by Elaine N. Aron.  I’m just getting started on this book, but, MAN!  I wish I had had this information years ago!



Hearting:  ALL the Valentine stuff on Pinterest!  I mean, really!  It’s a happy, happy rabbit hole!  These are super cute, but the simple paper garland (above) is far more likely to happen.

I’m excited about February, and this Currently post was a fun way to start it off!  Y’all have a great month, and don’t forget to chime in with some comments!



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8 thoughts on “Currently – February 2017

  1. Camping weather! That sounds so foreign to me right now… And Alaska is a dream destination – how fun to be planning a trip!

    1. Well, we’re already in the mid-70s, so camping season it is! LOL! It’ll be too hot to camp by the time June rolls around! Alaska is a dream trip, for sure. I’m starting my trip binder already. 😁

  2. Was so sad to have missed this link-up. I did finally get my post written but days late. I didn’t care for the word JONESING and glad you went with craving. Yay, for planning vacations, especially those to far off locals to visit loved ones. I have March’s currently in my agenda. Now to remember to check my agenda. XO

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