Currently – January 2017

Currently – January 2017

Linking up with Anne at In Residence and Jessica from An Immeasurable Joy for this month’s Currently post!  I love these!  (My apologies for a lack of photos today!)

I am currently…

GATHERING: my thoughts and plans and getting them into my bullet journal.  December’s monster to-do lists got totally out of hand, and I ended up neglecting my poor bullet journal for a few weeks.  There were just SO many things to do I used my white board and notebook paper to try to keep everything on track.  I sat down yesterday and journaled a few special memories so I can savor them again later.  (Jordan Smith in concert?!?  YES!)  And then I got a handle on this week’s tasks and errands.  Whew!  This makes me happy!

MAKING:  healthy food.  Yep, like a lot of people I’m using the new year as a starting point to be more intentional about making wise food choices. Tonight’s dinner was Orange Chicken from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.  It was REALLY good!

SIPPING:  sweet tea, as always.  (I use stevia to sweeten it, so it’s all good!)  And more coffee since I just purchased a bigger Bialetti moka pot.

FOLLOWING:  Something Old Dayton, a fascinating small business in Dayton, Ohio.  I seriously want to move into their warehouse!

RESOLVING:  to be more intentional.  To be more intentional in what I eat, in how I use my time, in how I speak to people.  To be more intentional in a lot of ways.

What are YOU currently gathering, making, sipping, following, and resolving?!?  Do tell!

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3 thoughts on “Currently – January 2017

  1. Yep, same here on the making. Partly my focus on this is required because after a period of not much cooking, I seriously can’t remember what I ever used to make for dinner! Way out of the habit here. I did my favorite one-pan wonder roast of brussels sprouts, butternut squash, sausage, and bacon, which was an excellent return to the kitchen 🙂 Thanks for joining again!

  2. The bullet journal has been quite the popular feature on many of these currently posts! I have a million different planners for various aspects of my life, but I’m going to have to look at doing a bullet journal next year! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I think I asked before but because I am old, I can’t remember the answer. What is a bullet journal?

    Intentional is a great word for the year and an admirable resolution. I want to be more joyful and content. And skinnier, fitter and younger.

    Heading over the the Dayton website from here. I visit that part of Ohio often and would love to go by there…haven’t even seen what they have but already know it will be right up my alley.


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