Cozy Fashion for the Holidays

Cozy Fashion for the Holidays

Y’all won’t be surprised if I tell you I bought another pair of LuLaRoe leggings.  Really though.  I own only a few pair, but I DO love them!  And when I saw these over at Brittney & Teresa’s LuLaRoe group, I just HAD to have them!  Here’s how I’m styling them.


This is my favorite way to wear LuLaRoe leggings.  A little crazy can go a long way, so I like for just a bit of them to peek out between a long tunic/short dress and a pair of tall boots.  I’ve talked about this pintuck top before (here).  It’s from Old Navy.  The boots came from Payless last year.  All of my favorite colors pop up in this outfit!  Gold, olive, burgundy!


On this day I worked up my brave and wore the same leggings with my blue suede booties.  I chose to wear a longer dress to, again, cover a little of the crazy so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming.  I feel more comfortable in the tall boots (I’m just not sure if short boots work well for me), but I wore this with confidence (like my mama taught me), and I received several compliments!  [The dress is from Old Navy, and the booties came from Off Broadway shoes.]

The ladies over at The Blended Blog are talking cozy fashion every Wednesday this month.  We are just beginning to get cozy-worthy weather here in Coastal Georgia.  We’re not doing a lot of sweaters yet, but I still consider these outfits to be cozy.  So I’m linking up with confidence–like my mama taught me!

Any other LuLaRoe lovers out there?  Is it cool enough to wear cozy fashion where YOU live?!?  Chime in below and let me know!




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4 thoughts on “Cozy Fashion for the Holidays

  1. Thanks for giving us a shout out. I love how those Lularoe leggings look so different with the change in colors, boots, etc. 💗

  2. Yes!!!! You know I’m a fan! Haha it’s amazing how the same pair of leggings looks so different with what you choose to pair it with. Beautiful! And OH how comfy!!!

    1. I have lots of fun styling them different ways for that very reason! It’s 3-D art I can wear! And SO comfy, yes!

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