It’s time for a fun link up with Sheila at Making the Most of Every Day to share what we’re reading, watching, listening to, and following!



READ:  Right now I’m reading Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.  Well, I’m listening to the audio book, so I’m going to count that as reading.  It’s a great book!  It tells the story of  ever-so-British Major (Retired) Ernest Pettigrew and his budding friendship with Mrs. Ali, a Pakistani woman who runs a shop in their village.  Major Pettigrew makes me laugh because he is so careful in everything he does.  One MUST follow the rules.  Mustn’t offend.  Must honor the old ways of doing things.  Right?  What happens if love and prejudice and rudeness all get jumbled together?   I haven’t finished this one yet, but it’s been just delightful!   If you’re looking for high action, this is not the book for you, but if you enjoy exploring how people think and choose and explore new seasons of life, you’ll like this story.  I’m loving the characters (even though a few of them make me want to shake them)!  I’ll miss them when I finish the book.  *sniffle*



WATCH:  I’m a sucker for a political drama show (as opposed to REAL political drama), and  Designated Survivor is a new favorite.  I’ve never been a Kiefer Sutherland fan, but he has totally won me over with this show!  Kiefer plays Tom Kirkman, the HUD Secretary who becomes President of the United States due to a great tragedy.  He’s a president who was never elected!  As you can imagine, that creates a few challenges!  You can read about the show and meet the characters here.



LISTEN:  I listen to Christmas music a little bit all year, but ’tis the season to listen to it a LOT more!  Jordan Smith just released his first Christmas album, ‘Tis the Season, and it is amazing!  He impressed me on The Voice (Season 9), and he’s gone on to do very well.  I’m thrilled for him, and I’m thrilled with this album.  I’m about to wear it out!


FOLLOW:  Taz & Belly.   I just discovered this new-to-me blog, and I immediately loved it!  Read her “About” section.  (She had me at unnecessary parentheticals!)  (I love those!)  Kristin and her family are a good bit younger than I/mine, but I think this is going to be a fun blog to follow!

Don’t forget to bounce over to Making the Most of Every Day to hear what others are reading, watching, listening to, and following.  What a great way to get recommendations!  You can check out my earlier recommendations here and here.




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