What I Read in October 2016

What I Read in October 2016

I can’t believe how FEW books I read last month!  October was just nuts.  It started with a FANTASTIC friends reunion and then moved immediately to Hurricane Matthew.  Life froze for a week or two as we anticipated, rode out, and then recovered from that.  THEN the catch-up frenzy began.  Add a Write 31 Days blogging challenge into the mix, and let’s just say that I did not read my usual number of books in October, and the books I did read looked a lot different from my usual genres!  Here’s a summary of what I read!


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Secrets of a Charmed Life by  Susan Meissner.  I met Susan at Read Savannah, a special reader/author event, in September.  She intrigued me immediately when she shared that part of this story involves a mom struggling to decide whether to send her kids out of World War II London to live with strangers in the hope of keeping them safe.  I first heard about the evacuation of children at an exhibit at the Imperial War Museum in London, and it broke my heart!  (Can you image having to make that kind of decision?!?)  This story actually begins years after World War II, but the bulk of the story plays out in the midst of the war.

Special Note:  Susan wrote THE best hook I’ve ever read!  I nearly came out of my chair (and may have yelled WHAT?!?), and the very same thing happened when my daughter read it.  (I got QUITE the text from her!)  Start reading the book.  You’ll know when you get there!  (I’ll hear you yelling WHAT?!?)

Secrets of a Charmed Life sits squarely in my wheelhouse of preferred book genres.  I love historical fiction, mysteries, police procedurals, and some thrillers, but after Hurricane Matthew I found myself craving gentler stories.  I remembered a review my friend Karla shared recently, and I quickly turned in that direction.


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The Grace Livingstone Hill Collection by Grace Livingston Hill.  This is a collection of 16 books, and I’ve read 3 of them so far.  Grace Livingston Hill wrote her books in the early 1900s, so she employs a beautiful, older style of writing and language.  These stories are gentle and inspirational while still being exciting and suspenseful.  Just what my storm-weary heart needed!

The Enchanted Barn is the story of family is desperate need who makes a barn into a home, and gets blessed in some pretty special ways.

Exit Betty is the story of a wealthy, runaway bride who is forced to take refuge with a not-wealthy family she doesn’t know.

Marcia Schuyler brings a whole new level of “taking one for the team!”  She marries a man after her no-account sister jilts him at the altar.


Did YOU read any great books in October?  Please share your recommendations in the comments!  I’m always looking for more books to read!





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  1. I’m so glad you read “Secrets of a Charmed Life”! And I just love being able to talk to the author about their books…it makes the books so much more personal to me.

    I just finished “The Woman in Cabin 10” (good!) and “Truly Madly Guilty” (not as good as her others). I just started “Rebecca” for the MMD Book Club. It takes some commitment to read!

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