A Post-Halloween Chuckle

A Post-Halloween Chuckle


My daughter is an incredible artist/writer and a beautiful, lovely woman.  The way she paints with words stuns me every time, and BOY, can she make me laugh!  Did I mention she’s an introvert?  She was a riot last night during trick or treating (which totally stresses her out).  She decided SOMETHING needs to change.  I present for your consideration, her (hysterical) proposal!

“Why is there no trick-or-treating for introverts? Seriously. At Halloween people expect you to go out, approach people, demand candy, and do it all over again until you’ve ransacked the entire neighborhood.

Therefore, I propose introvert trick-or-treating.

It goes like this. All the introverts stay inside, safely huddled in their blankets with internet, movies, books, projects, etc. Bonus points if the blinds are closed and it looks like no one’s home. Next, all the extroverts come out, goody bags in hand. The extroverts go door to door and DO NOT KNOCK OR RING THE DOORBELL OR PEER THROUGH THE BLINDS!!! No. The extroverts quietly leave their goodies in containers that the introverts have placed on their doorsteps. This happens until all the extroverts run out of goodies and introvert neighbors. Although quiet is required when approaching an introvert’s door, extroverts are encouraged to chat and mingle with each other. Good for them, good for the introverts. Later, when the introverts are sure no one is around, the coast is clear, and all is quiet, they peep their heads out their front doors and collect the goodies left by the extroverts.

BAM! Best. Holiday. Ever.”


She has a point!  Happy November, y’all!

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