When Life Gives You Hurricanes

When Life Gives You Hurricanes


When life gives you hurricanes, you get a clean refrigerator!  HA!

The down side to being without power for 40 hours during/after Hurricane Matthew’s East Coast Tour is that we lost nearly everything in our refrigerator.  That was a bummer, for sure.  But if I’m totally honest, it was about time for some of that stuff to go anyway!

At about the 38th hour of the power outage we went through the fridge and tossed anything that could remotely have gone bad.  That left a pretty empty fridge, so I told myself, “Self, this would be a GREAT time to clean this thing.  I mean, really.  It’s a little gross.”

An hour or so later the power came back on!  So I grabbed my scrubby and some hot water and cleaned all the shelves and crooks and crannies.  That is NOT a fun chore, but it sure was worth it when I was done!  (Big thanks to my sweet husband who helped with this project!)

Voila!  One clean refrigerator!


And, yes, that IS a jar of fermented asparagus in there!  Doesn’t EVERYONE have a jar of fermented asparagus in their refrigerator?  I’m trying to find out if it’s still good.  (Try googling THAT!)  But I digress.

We purchased this fridge a couple of years ago when we moved into this house, and I just love it!    I didn’t want stainless steel appliances, so I opted for plain old black.  The french doors and freezer on the bottom work really well for me.  The ice maker is small, but since we don’t use a lot of ice that hasn’t been an issue for us.

My favorite thing about this fridge is how BRIGHT it is inside!  Let there be LIGHT!  It’s wonderful!  (My photo doesn’t do it justice.  Sorry about that!)

You can scope out the details of newer model of my fridge here.  (Mine is smooth black, not black stainless steel.)  I’m pleased with mine and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking to invest in a nice appliance.

These guys seem to like it too!


The day after I scrubbed my fridge all up I was blessed to be able to go to Publix and Walmart and buy what I needed to restock it.  Truly, I’m aware what a blessing that is.  The fact is that I struggle with talking lightly of refrigerators and food when so many folks in Haiti now have no food and no place to live.  On that note…

If you would like to help the people of Haiti, I encourage you to donate through Compassion International.  My husband and I sponsor two children through this organization, and I’ll be sharing more about that with you later.  For now just know that Compassion is one of the most trustworthy charities you can find.  They’re good stuff.  You can give confidently to them and know that your gift will be put to good use.

This is Day 11 of my Write 31 Days Challenge.  You can find a list of all the posts in this series here.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen today!  Do you have any fermented asparagus in YOUR refrigerator?!?  Do tell!  Leave me a comment below!  (If you don’t see the Comment section, try clicking on the title of this post and then scroll back down to the bottom.)




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7 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Hurricanes

  1. Oh I just feel so very wonderful when my fridge is all clean. Your fridge looks really nice. However, I haven’t figured out the love for the freezer on the bottom. I know a lot of people really do enjoy that feature. I’m still a side by side refrigerator girl. I have never heard of pickled asparagus, but wow, I really do enjoy pickled okra. Have you heard of that? I’m glad your home is back up and running now.

    1. Rachel, I love a clean fridge too! Maybe it’ll last a couple of days! Yes, this was my first go at fermented asparagus (as opposed to pickled). It was interesting! I want to make some more and try to eat a little at the beginning of each meal. I like okra but haven’t tried it pickled! I’m not a big fan of pickles typically.

  2. Also, please don’t’ take my statement about the freezer on the bottom as an insult. Honestly I wish I would have left that out. I have close family members who have that kind and love it.

    1. Please don’t think another thing about it! I truly don’t like side by side refrigerators! They make me nuts! LOL! I guess THIS is why they make different styles, huh? It’s all good! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to leave comments! You made my day!

      1. I never have liked side-by-side refrigerators either. I know a lot of people like those, but I just never have. Lyle always wanted one because he liked the option of the water in the door… but we never had that either. Until now. When we moved earlier this year we got a fantastic deal on a slightly damaged fridge very similar to yours… with a freezer in the bottom, great lights inside, and water in the door. We have really enjoyed it.

  3. We had a side by side growing up but for the past 20 years we have a freezer on top/fridge on the bottom. I did a mini cleanout but nothing this drastic! Makes me want to throw out all those half used bottles and jars!

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