What’s in the Hutch?

What’s in the Hutch?

A couple of days ago I showed you the sweet, vintage hutch my husband and I bought locally at Finders Keepers Furniture.  It’s working just as well as I had hoped!  I really love it.  (And yes, Arwen quickly hopped up on top of it and snuggled into her basket!)


I promised to show you what’s inside the hutch, and then I promptly got distracted by raccoons.  Today I’m back on track!  (No sign of the raccoons today!)



Insert a happy sigh here!  This whole thing is just good for my blood pressure!


On the top shelf is my vintage cake plate.  I shared the story behind it (and a favorite recipe!) here.!  Just under the cake plate is our big, Polish pottery soup tureen.  This was an incredibly sweet gift from friends of ours when we left Germany the second time.  To the right of that is a matryoshka (Russian nesting doll), a souvenir from our 1993 trip to Russia, and a couple of small bunny figurines.  The one on the right is a visual reminder to pray for a special friend of mine.  (I gave one to her and kept an identical one for me.)


On the right hand side of the top shelf is a navy blue tea pot I bought when we lived in England and a few pieces from my childhood tea set.  Almost all these little pieces are glued together, but I’m glad to have them!  On the shelf below these items is a roaster pan set that I got in Poland.


On the left side of the bottom shelf is my fancy shmancy crystal cake plate.


On the right hand side of the bottom shelf I have a grouping of three items.  The photo was taken at my junior prom in 1986.  Gene and I had been dating for one year!  (Our first date was his senior prom, one year earlier!)  The figurine of the bride and groom was our wedding cake topper in 1989.  I can’t remember where or when I got the rooster pitcher, but I do know it’s considered to bring good luck and protection.  You can read the story about that here if you’re curious!

That’s everything in the top of the hutch.  Here’s a quick peek at what’s in the bottom, including one impossibly cute, curious kitten!



Just in case you’re curious about what’s over to the right of the hutch, it’s our printer and a basket sitting on a little gate-leg table.


I have two of these baskets because I like them so much.  They’re woven of rolled-up newspaper and magazine pages!  I found them at Pier 1 a few years ago.  They’re perfect for holding filing folders and magazines.


So now you know what all is tucked into the cute little hutch!  Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with me a little while!

This is Day 27 of the Write 31 Days challenge and Michael Ann’s Kitchen.  You can look back over all the posts in this series here.

Do you like to decorate with items that are special to you?  Tell me about some of them in the comment section below!  I love follow-up conversations!


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7 thoughts on “What’s in the Hutch?

  1. I have Polish pottery too AND a chicken pitcher! Three actually! They’re Italian! Did you get yours in Italy, by chance?! Thanks for the tour! (Is the cat count up to 4 now?!?)

    1. Yes, I want to know about the cat count, too! There are several slightly-wild cats milling around here. I like to watch them. They are too skittish to catch for cuddling or petting.

    2. I did not get my chicken pitcher in Italy. I know that. I’ve made only one trip to Italy (for a weekend in Rome), and I had this at before that trip. Yes, the cat count is up to four! Deary me. We fostered Mattie (the kitten) during Hurricane Matthew (thus her name) when C’s vet clinic closed, and my sweet man just fell in love with her! He hasn’t had his own pet in many, many years. #smittenwiththekitten

  2. I loved seeing what’s in your hutch and knowing the stories. I have various special pieces like that, and some that I have picked up at thrift stores and garage sales just because I like them.

    I noticed you have “Morning Blue” Corelle plates in the bottom! That’s my pattern! Shades of the 1980s, huh? Lyle bought me a set– service of 4–when we were engaged. Very soon after that, before our wedding, my dad found another set of 4, at an auction, I think, and thought “they might match.” They did! So I had a service for 8 when we got married. It has dwindled down some now, but on the rare occasion I see that pattern in a thrift store I snatch it up. Unless it’s cups. I don’t need more cups.

    1. I was wondering if anyone would notice the Corelle! That stuff is HARD to kill, but when it DOES die, it’s a spectacular death! Am I right?!? I think we have 3 plates left from the 8-place setting we got as a wedding gift 27 years ago!

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