Vintage Cake Plates

Vintage Cake Plates

“Vintage” seems to be the word of the week!  I’m learning a lot about myself by doing this series.  Apparently I like vintage things more than I thought!

Today I want to show you how I use vintage cake plates in a new way. My wonderful mother-in-law gave these to me a while back, and I’ve had fun incorporating them into my kitchen.



The larger one anchors my favorite corner in the kitchen!  It sits beside the stove and holds my olive oil and vinegars, pepper grinder, and salt pig. I like the way it lifts them off the countertop.

Then I snugged in my autumn leaf plate which I use as a spoon rest and my larger salt pig which holds nutritional yeast.


That vignette makes me smile every time I see it!


I use the smaller cake plate on my kitchen island to hold random, small objects that need a temporary home.

Hooray for using pretty things in unexpected ways in the kitchen!


If you’re curious about my salt pigs, check out my earlier post, What IS a Salt Pig Anyway?!?  (Aren’t they cute?!?)

Thank you for stopping by today!  This is Day 29 of Michael Ann’s kitchen, a special series for the Write 31 Days challenge.


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