Vintage Baskets

Vintage Baskets

Let’s talk baskets today!  When we were stationed near Trier, Germany, some dear friends of ours introduced us to shopping the antique flea markets in The Netherlands.  We never bought anything really big, but we DID find a few nice, small things.

Small things like these baskets!  They would’ve been used for proofing (rising) bread dough.


I don’t make much bread these days, so I’ve found other ways to use them.

This one is a slightly different style, and it holds fruit…and other random things that end up in it!  (It sits on the kitchen counter, so you know how THAT goes!)



This one holds potpourri.



And one of the first ones I showed you usually holds a cat!  Meet Arwen, cat #2 of 3.  She always chooses the highest perch available in any room, so she naps a lot up here on top of the china hutch.  That’s my Darcy, cat #3 of 3, hanging out on the windowsill.  She’s not much of a jumper!  (Arwen jumps from the printer there by the window right up to the top of the china hutch!)



Mostly I use these baskets to decorate because I love the texture and because they make me smile!  That’s my first rule for decorating:  all items used must make me smile!  Pretty good rule, I think!



{Here’s an update for anyone who read yesterday’s post about the approaching hurricane.  Based on this morning’s information we’ve decided to stay here in our house and ride the storm our here.  We’re inland enough that we think we’ll be okay.  I’m trying to go ahead and get some posts up today for two reasons:  (1) So they’ll post even if our power goes out later, and (2) to keep me away from the Weather Channel!}

This is Day 7 of the Write 31 Days blogging challenge.  To see the list of other posts in this series, please click here.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you’re having a wonderful, hurricane-less day!




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11 thoughts on “Vintage Baskets

  1. Love the baskets! And the story of the cat who likes the highest perch. Too funny.

    I have a few similar (not exactly the same, but similar style) that my in-laws brought us from South Africa. I have potpourri in one, too. But no cats.

  2. They really were used for proofing dough? Seems like the dough would get stuck in the little grooves. Very pretty though. I have some baskets (and some glass urns) that are Italian. (no surprise there) and some Polish pottery my AF friend bought for me when she was stationed in Germany.

    1. I think they’d line the basket with something like a tea towel. But yes, they were bread proofing baskets. You can see one of my favorite pieces of Polish pottery in one of he pictures! Did you spot it?!!

      1. Ah. That makes sense (lining it). Yes! That’s why I mentioned it (pottery)!

  3. Beautiful baskets and kitties decorating your home. Your baskets are so sturdy, like a good family foundation. Glad you were able to stay home and weather the storm.

  4. Michael Ann, I really enjoyed this post. When I married Thad, I moved to his house which is filled with baskets of all kinds and sizes. His 1st wife(RIP) collected through their travels with the Air Force. They went to the Longaberger basket factory, and Thad made a basket, but I haven’t located it yet. It would have his name and the date on it. His 1st wife also ran and worked at the Basket Place in Charleston and then in Savannah so she was able to buy baskets from all over ther world. We even have a shelf Thad built to hold miniature baskets, and I do like it but not dusting it!

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