Two Key Tools

Two Key Tools

This series ends tomorrow, and I haven’t shared my two key tools in my kitchen!

First up is my Breville Hemisphere Control Blender. I had an okay-ish blender for years. I decided to upgrade a few years ago, and I eyed the Vitamix but decided I didn’t want to spend that much money. I bought my Breville instead and have been incredibly pleased with it. It passes the big test, blending smooth, icy drinks easily and consistently.


The other key tool won’t be a shocker to anyone. It’s my Kitchen Aid Mixer.  My amazing husband surprised me with the Professional 600 Series model a couple of years ago, and it’s BROWN, y’all!  I love brown, and he got that color just for me!


I use these two tools all the time. They’re high quality, and they’re holding up to everything I’ve thrown at them. I highly recommend both of them.

What are the “big boys” in your kitchen?  The strong tools you count on?  Let me know in the comments!

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