The Role of a Kitchen

The Role of a Kitchen

Don’t you just love the role of a kitchen in a home?  I’m thinking back over all the things that have happened in my kitchen over the last couple of weeks.

  • We discussed weather forecasts and how to plan for Hurricane Matthew.
  • We laughed about crazy things that happened at our jobs.
  • I cooked via lantern light during the power outage after Hurricane Matthew.  (Just one of the many reasons I love my gas range!)
  • We prepared two meals to deliver to families to bless them during times of healing/recovery.

  • I prayed for friends and family who are dealing with tough stuff.
  • I tried to cook while being assisted by our new kitten…who was hungry…and insisted on climbing my legs to get closer to the food I was preparing!
  • I had a nice long phone conversation with one of my sisters and got caught up on her family’s busy life.
  • Gene and I had multiple important discussions about work and travel plans for 2017.


  • I sat at the table and prayed, asking God for wisdom in decisions about those work and travel plans and then immediately received encouragement from Psalm 25.


  • We laughed at the antics of the new kitten as she got brave enough to try playing with the other cats.

All that to say, our kitchen is an important place for our family.  We gather there for big things and little things.  And food things too, yes!  My new friend Rachel has been blogging about how our home can be an oasis, and I really think ours is.  And I think our kitchen is the center of that oasis.  I’m thankful.

What about you?  Do you find that the kitchen really IS the heart of the home?


This is Day 16 of Michael Ann’s Kitchen, a series written for the Write 31 Days blogging challenge.  You’ll find links to the whole series here.

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4 thoughts on “The Role of a Kitchen

  1. It certainly is in our house! Agreeing with Leslie. This is a beautiful post!

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