The Red Eyed Mule

The Red Eyed Mule

Some days you just HAVE to get out of the kitchen!  Am I right?  Of course right!  Today we ALL get a kitchen pass (in the sweet sense of the word, not a “you’ll pay for this later” sense)!

Today we’re heading to The Red Eyed Mule in Marietta, Georgia.  Squeeze in tight!  This building is an old gas station, and there are only 9 tables!




Gene recommends the Dakota Burger.  The jalapeño pimento cheese brings just a little heat and lots of flavor.


This is Cassandra’s first visit here. She’s playing it safe and gets the Jake Burger Deluxe.


I’m always a sucker for the Sloppy Slaw Burger!  Usually Gene and I trade halves of our burgers, but not today!



Here’s the Morning Menu. I hear the biscuits are mighty tasty and they usually run out after a while. I need to get here early enough to try them one day.



And here’s the After Morning Menu.



Don’t wait too long to order!  They close at 2ish!


What will YOU order?!?  Have you been here before?  Please leave a comment and join in the fun!  (If you don’t see the Comments section below, click on the title of this post, then scroll back down, and you should see it.)


This is Day 22 of Michael Ann’s Kitchen, my series for the Write 31 Days blogging challenge.


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3 thoughts on “The Red Eyed Mule

  1. I have NOT been here! Sounds so yummy!! Is that toast that the burger is served on? Not a bun? I just read the menu and YES! Yes it is! I think I’d have me the Sassy Señorita, hold the cheese. Because, you know…it MELTS! Sounds delish!

  2. That sounds like the kind of place we would like. The burgers look great…. but we love to try breakfast places. It’s our Saturday morning tradition!

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