Spicy Sausage Skillet

Spicy Sausage Skillet

Welcome back to OutAndBack and Michael Ann’s Kitchen!  I’m glad you stopped by!  Today I’m going to share a recipe I make frequently.  It’s my go-to meal for when I want food FAST!

Spicy Sausage Skillet is quick to make AND it takes only one pot!  SCORE!

You can see the recipe here.  I follow this recipe pretty much as written except sometimes I don’t bother with the onion flakes.  Sometimes I use fresh onion, and sometimes I skip the onion altogether.  My husband and I like this with the Rotel tomatoes as called for in the recipe, but our daughter doesn’t care for that much heat.  Sometimes I use a can of plain, petite diced tomatoes and then add a little bit of green (mild) Tabasco sauce.  That gives it a nice flavor without so much heat.  Also, I usually skip the onions on top.

I use Dreamfields (low glycemic load) pasta, so this is a nice S meal for all you Trim Healthy Mamas.  Adjust the cooking time to what the box directs if you use Dreamfields.

Here are some pics of the process so you can see how simple it is!  This would be a great dish for kids/teens to make.

Browning the meat a little bit.


All the ingredients are in there, and we’re just waiting for the pasta to cook.


Sprinkle some cheese on top so it can melt.




Honestly, I would eat this 2 or 3 times a week.  This is comfort food in a big way for me.  My family likes it, but not THAT frequently!  Ah well.  More for me!

This is Day 12 of the Write 31 Days blogging challenge.  If you’d like to see a listing of all the posts in this series, just hop over here!

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  1. I made this last week after you posted about it. My kids loved it! They called it “macaroni and cheese for grown-ups”! Lyle and I thought it was okay, but I don’t think we loved it as much as the kids did.

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