Plan to Eat

Plan to Eat

Today I want to tell you about a tool I use in the kitchen ALL the time!  It’s Plan to Eat, an online recipe organizer/meal planner/grocery list generator.

I don’t know about you, but I find a lot of recipes online these days.  Plan to Eat allows me to capture those recipes with ONE simple click and save them to my online recipe book so I can easily find them later.  I like this a lot!  No more printouts of recipes crammed into a notebook with hundreds of other printouts of recipes.

THEN Plan to Eat lets you access those already-sorted-into-categories recipes and drag them onto a meal plan.  Seriously!  It’s that easy! Click here to take a tour of Plan to Eat, and then read on to see how I’ve used it today.

I’ve been working on my meal plan for the week, and here’s what it looks like.  I can scroll through the recipes on the top of my screen and then drag them onto the mini planner on the bottom of my screen.  There are a couple of simple ways you can do this; today I’m trying out the mini planner option.


When I see a good recipe online, like one of the many awesome recipes at Gwen’s Nest, I click my Plan to Eat button installed at the top of my browser, and the recipe instantly uploads into Plan to Eat.  I like that it shows me where I got the recipe.  I’ve circled it here so you can see it.


Then when I want to make the muffins (or whatever!), I can open the cooking view of the recipe.


This is a SUPER QUICK look at Plan to Eat.  I’ve found it to be incredibly easy to use and very helpful.  They’ve just added new features to the program, and I’m still exploring them.  They all look great!

THESE are some of the reasons I choose to support this company with my business:


If you’d like to try Plan to Eat FREE for 30 days, or if you just want to explore it a little more, click here.  (This IS an affiliate link, just so you know.  Should you choose to purchase a subscription to Plan to Eat, I will make a small commission.)

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3 thoughts on “Plan to Eat

  1. I think you’ve mentioned this before. It sounds like a combo of Pinterest and a meal planner! How long does it take you to meal plan with this tool?

    1. It’s Pinterest but WAY better! It saves the recipe so you never have to worry about the URL going wonky or disappearing. Meal planning is super fast; click and drag! If I’m planning a recipe that’s not in Plan to Eat I just type the name of the dish in for that meal.

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