Our New Addition

Our New Addition

We adopted a new/old hutch!  It’s an old hutch, but it’s new to us!  Hooray for old furniture!


My husband recently asked if we could replace the “china cabinets” in our kitchen/dining area with something different.  Shop for a new piece of furniture?!?  SURE!  I can do that!  I found this pretty little piece at Finders Keepers Furniture, a vintage furniture and home decor shop.

Look how much it brightens up our dining area!  And it’s perfect with our table which is old too.  (I’ll tell you a secret about that table another day!)

Come back tomorrow for a peek at what’s INSIDE!

Thanks for stopping by!  This is Day 25 of Michael Ann’s Kitchen, my series for the Write 31 Days blogging challenge.


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10 thoughts on “Our New Addition

    1. It IS vintage farmhouse! It’s definitely not a new piece of furniture. Gene needs to do just a little work on one of the doors to help it stay closed. 🙂

  1. I really love it!! GENE suggested it? Did he shop for it with you? What did you do with the old one?

  2. Thanks, Sheila! Yes, Gene asked me to buy a new piece. The “hutch” that we were using was actually the two end pieces from our huge German shrank that we’re not using as a whole right now. Come to find out, he really disliked using those two end pieces like I was using them! Who knew?!? I priced new hutches and sideboards and just did NOT want to pay that kind of money, so I popped into this local, vintage/refurbished furniture place and found THIS for a LOT less money. Gene wasn’t able to shop with me, so I sent him pictures of items I thought might work. He thought this looked okay based on the picture I showed him, and I actually bought it over the phone last weekend when we were driving out for our camping trip! I knew somebody else would snag it over the weekend if I didn’t claim it!

    1. I had to Google “shrank”! Haha! Do you still have the other pieces of said shrank? Glad you nabbed it!

      1. We DO have all the pieces to the shrank! It just doesn’t work well for us at this time. It’s in great shape! I may take a photo of it to the place where I got the hutch and see if any of their vendors are interested in selling it. The nice thing is that it isn’t huge as compared to some shranks.

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