Of Cake Plates & Sweet Potatoes

Of Cake Plates & Sweet Potatoes

This vintage cake plate is one of the things in my kitchen that always makes me smile!  I bought it at the base thrift shop when we were stationed at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia.  What a find!




I just love it!

And this is one of my favorite things to put IN the cake plate: Southern Living’s Sweet Potato Pound Cake!  I do love pound cake!  I always liked pound cake when I was a kid because it didn’t have icing on it.  I have since learned to like icing on cakes, but I still love a good pound cake!  And this is one of the best ones I’ve ever made.



I’ve discovered that you can use a 29 ounce can of sweet potatoes, drain it, mash the potatoes, and that will give you just about the 2 1/2 cups of sweet potato you need for the recipe.  Or if you use the 40 ounce can, you’ll have the full 2 1/2 cups and a little left over.

Do you have a favorite cake plate or pound cake?  Tell me about it in the Comment section below!  I always enjoy reading your comments!

This is Day 4 of the Write 31 Days Challenge.  You can see links to all posts in the series here.


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10 thoughts on “Of Cake Plates & Sweet Potatoes

  1. That is so cute! I’ve been thinking that I need a cake plate. I got a glass one on a pedestal for a wedding gift, but it broke years ago. And your recipe for pumpkin pound cake sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing!

      1. I’m considering using up some sweet potatoes and making this tomorrow to bring to church!

  2. Oh, I love that metal cake plate! I’ve never seen one in metal! What a great find! Sweet potato pound cake??? Really? Oh my!! Sounds mahvelous!

  3. Love that you found that great cake plate on base! I bet military base thrift shops offer some fun, unusual buys. Your pound cake looks so moist. Pinning this recipe, too.

    1. Base thrift shops oftentimes DO have interesting items! This pound cake is amazingly moist! You’ll have to make it and report back how you liked it!

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