Michael Ann’s…Raccoons?!?

Michael Ann’s…Raccoons?!?

This is Day 26 of Michael Ann’s Kitchen, a special Write 31 Days series here on OutAndBack.  Today I just MUST go rogue. Just this once.  Because…raccoons.

Yep.  Raccoons.

Our house backs onto protected wetlands, and I’m fully aware that the woods back there are full of critters.  My daughter wrangled our second red-bellied watersnake–non-venomous, protected here in Georgia–out of the yard and back into the swampy area just a couple of weeks ago.  (Mom fail on that one.  I did not get any pictures.  Because I was busy being freaked out and “helpful.”  I use that term loosely.)

But last night raccoons showed up for the first time!  We finally have cooler weather, so I had our bedroom windows open, and around 3:00 this morning I heard our dog bark in the back yard, just outside my window.  You need to understand that this dog almost NEVER barks, so when he does, something is WAY wrong.  Then I heard another noise that I didn’t recognize, but I could tell something was NOT happy.


My brave husband went outside and discovered two raccoons sitting on our fence, and one of them was pretty ticked off.  I don’t do my best thinking at 3 AM, so all I could think was, “That raccoon is going to bite our dog!  Wait.  Are his shots up to date?  What if he gets rabies?  ‘Cause that raccoon is out of its mind!  Oh!  What if that raccoon launches itself at Gene’s head and eats his face?!?  I’m SCARED!”  I told you I don’t do my best thinking at that time of day!

Imagine our surprise when the raccoons were still out there this morning!  WHAT?!?



Gene called a local wildlife rescue place, talked to them, and sent them some pictures.  They said these sweet raccoons are juveniles and not making wise decisions.  Decisions like hanging out on a fence that contains a very large dog!  And like trying to hide their heads in the boxed areas of the fence!  And then later climbing a tree and hanging out on a limb that is WAY too small for two raccoons.  Kids these days!


Hopefully they’ll take good care of each other until they have enough smarts to make wise decisions!  And hopefully they’ll do all that NOT on my fence and NOT at 3 AM!

Thanks for indulging me and letting me tell a fun, non-kitcheny story today!  Tomorrow I’ll keep my word and show you what’s in my cool new hutch!  I haven’t forgotten!



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9 thoughts on “Michael Ann’s…Raccoons?!?

  1. Oh, my goodness! What great pictures! They are just stinking adorable… and it’s hilarious that they’re “kids” just messing around and being stupid. I like watching wildlife, from a safe distance you understand!

  2. I. Was. Laughing. So. Hard!! “Because I was busy being freaked out and ‘helpful.'” *wheezes*

    1. Giiiiiirrrrrrl! I had my broom, and I truly WAS trying to help, but that fellow had NO respect for my broom! Didn’t faze him at all! I looked like a lunatic, I’m sure! I would’ve left and grabbed my camera, but I was intent on protecting my baby girl! HA!

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