I Did It! #Write31Days

I Did It! #Write31Days

Wow!  I’m sitting here in a Halloween carb coma–I blame the Moon Pies, pork lo mein, and Dairy Queen Pumpkin Pie Blizzard that may or may not have been consumed tonight–and I’m thinking back over the last few weeks and what I’ve experienced.  Some of my expectations of this Write 31 Days challenge proved to be accurate, but I was surprised by several things!

I wondered if I would run out of kitchen-y things to talk about.  Nope.  I can easily come up with about a half dozen topics that I didn’t get to!

I expected I’d get tired of writing.  Nope.  I loved every minute of writing.  What I learned (again) was that writing takes time!  More time than I think it will.

I did NOT expect to deal with a hurricane, yet Matthew invited himself to the party!

I really wanted to write every single day, and I did!  My posts published later and later throughout the month, but they WERE published!

I wondered if I’d be energized or exhausted at the end of the process.  I’m BOTH!  Ha!

I appreciate all of you who have cheered me on, those who have (bless your hearts) actually read my posts, and those who’ve “liked” a post here and there or left a comment.  Truly!  This has been a blast!

I’m looking forward to moving on to some other topics (camping/travel!) and still circling back to home.  Out and back again!

Please pop in often and see what’s going on.  Leave a comment and join the conversation!  That’s always a lot of fun!

This is Day 31 of Michael Ann’s Kitchen, a Write 31 Days challenge.  To see the full list of posts in this series, just hope on over here!



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