Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew


My husband and I are packing to evacuate due to Hurricane Matthew. As I look around the house trying to decide what really MUST come with us, what REALLY matters, you know what?  The list is very, very small. I love my kitchen. I love my house. I love my stuff. But that’s all temporary. My husband and our family. THAT’s what matters. If we leave, I can leave at peace knowing without a doubt that God loves us and is aware of our situation.

Please join me in praying for all those who must evacuate and all those (like us) who are deciding what to do. And of course, pray for all those who’ve already suffered so much from this storm.  Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew

  1. Praying, love. Hope with the bit of advance notice, people have been able to protect their belongings and get to safety. In the end, it really is the memories and the people that matter. And the love. And the love!

  2. Ditto! I grabbed some important documents, the external hard drive and some clothes/food/water. And that’s it! See you on the other side of this! xoxo

    1. We have important documents and stuff already loaded in the truck. I’ve removed special items from our walls and tucked them away just in case. Gene was gracious and packed one Rubbermaid tote of photos for me! I’m thankful you’re safe, Sheila! xoxo

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