High Tech, Y’all!

High Tech, Y’all!

Prepare to be impressed!  I’m about to share our family’s communication center with you!  Ready?


See!  Crazy high tech, right?!?  A white board. Yep. This is on the door of my pantry, right beside my command center (the kitchen island).

I work part time three mornings a week. My husband works nights.  And our daughter works a different shift every day. We all pitch in on getting lunch ready as we can, so this is where I put the lunch plan for the day.  That’s our family meal together, and it’s a team effort!

This is also where we put questions for each other since we don’t have a whole lot of overlap with each other some days.

It works!

And yes, I do have three places to be at 6 PM today.



This is Day 13 of Michael Ann’s Kitchen, a Write 31 Days blogging challenge. To see the whole series, please click here!



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7 thoughts on “High Tech, Y’all!

  1. I have a big white board in my kitchen (well, you know! You’ve seen it!) but yours gets used daily!

    I can almost but not quite read the comic. She’s diving into the pages of a book…and then? What do they say??

    1. I’ve actually considered getting a bigger board like yours, Sheila! I’m trying to do most of my planning and lists in my bullet journal, so this smaller white board works well for coordinating with the other humans in my house. As for the comic, Girl 1 dives into “It was the best of times,it was the worst of times.” Girl 2 says, “You make it sound easy, but I’m still intimidated by the number of pages.” Girl 1 responds, “Ok…Maybe try to think of it as binge-watching on Netflix, but actually using your brain.” Ha!

      1. That is funny! Kills me how much time A will spend on Netflix but whines at reading 20 pages. 🙄

  2. I love to write on a white board and have several but haven’t used them for keeping track of life. I am so envious of your work station (island). I really want to set mine up to copy cat yours. And then maybe I will add a white board, too!

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