A Table Treasure

A Table Treasure

A couple of you have asked about my dining table, and I’m excited to tell you about it!


My great-grandfather built this table in the late 1960s or early 1970s!  He was a great man and a talented carpenter. My dad stopped by Great-Granddaddy’s farm one day and found him in his shop building this very table.  It’s been passed along within our family, and I got it from my sister a few years ago.

I used it as a desk at our previous house, and when Gene and I moved into our current house we decided to use it as our dining table.  It was pretty beat up, but Gene restored it!  It’s gorgeous now!


It really is a treasure!  (Gene is a treasure too, just for the record!)


I hear you asking, “Why is the fancy shmancy crystal cake holder on the table?  What’s in it?”  I’m glad you asked!


My sweet daughter surprised me with an early birthday present, a battenberg cake from The Pie Society, a British bakery in Pooler, Georgia!  This was one of my favorite cakes in England. It’s made of two sponge cakes, pink and yellow. Those two cakes are cut into strips and then pieced together with apricot jam. Then the whole cake is wrapped with marzipan!  Boy, is it good!


Lastly, just for grins and giggles, I thought I’d show you the current status of my beautiful dining table!  Yes, it’s been that kind of day!


You get bonus points if you noticed the cat ears in the basket on top of the hutch!

Thank you for stopping by today!  This is Day 28 of Michael Ann’s Kitchen, my series for the Write 31 Days challenge.

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4 thoughts on “A Table Treasure

  1. That table is gorgeous! (I ate at it, right?!) Well done Gene on the restoration! You almost had me with the cake…until you said marzipan.

  2. I think we were using another table when you guys came, Sheila, so you’ll have to come eat at THIS table one day! Gene doesn’t care for almonds, so marzipan isn’t a favorite of his either. Thanks for the kind words about the table! I’ll relay them to Gene!

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