Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries

Have you heard about Little Free Libraries?!? I hadn’t until recently. A friend of mine spent an afternoon finding some of the Little Free Libraries in her city, and I thought the whole thing sounded just amazing!

Little Free Libraries are “take a book, leave a book” book exchanges. Most of the libraries are small wooden boxes of some sort, and they hold a variety of books. Visitors may take a book and/or leave a book. Pretty cool, right? Little. Free. Libraries!

I spent an hour or so finding some of the Little Free Libraries around Savannah and took some pictures to share here!

This one has a red roof just like its steward’s house! The steward of this one saw me looking at the books and came outside her house to chat for a few minutes! She told me that her kids purchased the library for her, and she’s having a blast with it.


The second Little Free Library I found was tucked away at the back of a community garden. It was a lovely, peaceful place in the middle of the city! This one featured a higher box AND a lower box that allowed easy access for kids! I thought that was just the coolest thing ever!



The last one I found looked totally different from the first two! The books were beautifully arranged. Someone had even shared some seed packets!



I’m so taken by these libraries, that I’m looking for a spot in my neighborhood to put one! I’ll keep you posted on that project!

You can read more about Little Free Libraries here and see if there are any Little Free Libraries in YOUR area.

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7 thoughts on “Little Free Libraries

  1. One of the things I love about LFL is that they are all so different! The other thing I love is the free books 🙂 Great finds!

  2. Oh, I hope you do put one up! That would be such a fun thing, I think. I had actually thought about doing one here on the porch of the print shop… but when I discovered the one across the street I decided I didn’t need to.

    I love that the one lady came out to talk to you. I always feel a little like “what if people are watching me?” when I approach them. Probably comes from trying to furtively do Geocaching! LOL.

  3. Great, great post!! Love seeing the LFLs in different places and spaces. It seemed so foreign to me to see “grown-up” books in a Little Free Library as I have only seen them used in elementary schools. I truly want to set one up in our little park down the street. Maybe we can do a follow-up post together in the spring if we all manage to establish our own LFLs.

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