The Last 10 Photos on My Phone

The Last 10 Photos on My Phone

I saw this fun idea over on In Residence and thought it would be a lot of fun to do here too!  Here are (pretty much) the last 10 photos on my phone.

  1.  A gorgeous cappuccino at The Front Porch, a new coffee shop here in my town.  This place is so calm that my blood pressure drops when I walk through the front door.
  2. Meet Arwen, my son’s cat.  He (my son, not the cat ’cause she’s a girl) is in the Air Force, and she (the cat) misses him.  As do I!
  3. My desk when I walked into work Monday.  It was clean when I left last Wednesday!  (I’m a part time admin/financial secretary at a local church.)
  4. The gorgeous salt pig I ordered from Meesh’s Pottery on Etsy.  This gorgeous guy will hold nutritional yeast since I already have another salt pig that holds salt.
  5. I was so engrossed by Finding Dory that my FitBit thought I was asleep!  (Great movie and/but it really throws some deep punches for parents.  Especially for parents of kids who have extra challenges.)
  6. Another trip to The Front Porch, this time for iced coffee.  Do you sense a trend yet?!?
  7. The wreath I made for our front door.  I love that part of the blue field is actually camo; it’s a nod to our being a military family.
  8. It’s time for me to freshen up some parenting skills!  This is a great book for anyone who has kids in middle school or older.  I’ll do a full review soon.
  9. The Great Tadpole Rescue!  I need to get my daughter to guest post this whole story!  Short version:  She got her dad to move the tadpoles from her dog’s water trough to the wetlands behind our house.
  10. I made my very first trip to Trader Joe’s yesterday with a good friend of mine!  Wow!  So many special treats to choose from!  These chocolate covered espresso beans were just one of several items that came home with me.

So now you know what’s been going on in my world lately!  Any fun pictures on your phone right now?  Do you love salt pigs as much as I do?  Do you love that my salt pig is a PIG?!?  Chime in below!  Comments are what make this fun!

(Curious about salt pigs?  Check out my newer post:  What IS a Salt Pig Anyway?!?)

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6 thoughts on “The Last 10 Photos on My Phone

    1. Good question, Lyn! Basically it’s just an earthenware container that holds salt. You can spoon salt out or reach in with your hand to get the salt that way. Usually they don’t actually look like pigs, but I love that this one DOES!

  1. I want a cappuccino at the Front Porch!!! Looks amazing!

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