Five Things Friday: Love

Five Things Friday: Love

Photo by the amazing Marie Sturtz of Sturtz & Bärchen Photo.

Today my husband and I celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary!  To say I love him would be an understatement!  And what’s really cool is that he loves me too!  Here are five ways Gene demonstrates his love for me.

1. He keeps up with our neighborhood’s complicated trash pick up schedule, puts the trash out, and puts the bins back after the pick up.  I’ve offered to help, but he doesn’t want me to have to worry about this.

2.  He keeps us safe.  We’ve always traveled a lot, especially when we lived in Europe.  As our family navigated crowded sidewalks in big cities, I’d go first, and the kids and then Gene would follow.  I finally got frustrated with this arrangement and felt bad that I was always leading the way.  That’s Gene’s job, right?  I told him that one day (and probably in a wrong tone of voice), and he explained, “I need you and the kids in front of me so I can be sure you’re safe.  If you’re behind me I don’t know if you’re okay.”  So THAT’s why he always puts us in front!

3.  He takes care of my car.  He’s good with cars.  He actually thinks to check fluid levels and brake pads and stuff.  This is a good thing!

4.  He opens the car door for me, and not just on date nights! *swoon*

5. He takes me places.  Whether it’s a new restaurant we’ve been wanting to try, the beach when I’m craving time in the sun, big trips, or little trips, we travel.  He’s willing to spend money on these extras, and he wants to spend time with me!

A new hobby of ours: going to the firing range.
Enjoying a day at the zoo.

The list could go on and one, but I’ll stop at five.  I don’t love Gene just because he does these things.  Please understand that!  I love him because I choose to and because I know without a doubt that God brought us together.  But I DO appreciate the things Gene does for me!  He blesses me in many, many ways, and I’m grateful!  I thank God for giving us the “want to” to keep working on our marriage and for giving us these years together.

What are some ways your spouse demonstrates love to you?  Leave a comment and let me know!  Every day is a good day to brag on your spouse!



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6 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Love

  1. Jeff emptied the dishwasher every morning before leaving for work! I’m so thankful for that, as he knows I abhor putting them away!! Plus, when it’s raining like today, he’ll feed the animals so I don’t have to get out n get muddy, aaaand like Gene, he has always opened my door for me. God sure gave us some good ones friend!!

  2. I love you guys! Thanks for sharing how well he loves you! Now he needs to guest post 5 ways you love him. And it needs to be G rated. Enjoy your day!

  3. (Just catching up on blog reading, which explains why I’m commenting so late.) Great picture of the two of you. Love the pose!

    Currently, we are in a state of transition primarily because my husband makes it a priority for me to follow my dream. He *knows* I’m actually going to write that novel. He has more confidence in me than I have in myself.

    He also takes care of the cars. I can literally count on *one* hand the number of times I’ve pumped gas in the 30 years we’ve been married.

    And that thing about taking me places? Yeah, he does that, too. I love that! I’d rather “go somewhere” than receive a gift.

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