Style Perspectives: How Would YOU Wear It? #1

Style Perspectives: How Would YOU Wear It? #1

A dear friend of mine is one of the ladies who is a part of The Blended Blog, a lovely place to visit and hang out for a while!  Today they’re kicking off a fun fashion series where everyone gets to show how they would wear _______.  This week they’re showing how they would style a wrap, so I thought I’d link up with them and show you one of my favorite looks from this winter!


I have two capes, both from Cracker Barrel.  (Yep.  You read that correctly! Cracker Barrel!)  My mom gave me a fawn colored one with a fur collar, and I liked it so much I went back and got this one too!  I love the bright red, don’t you?  (Especially against that lovely winter grass color.  Ugh.)

So for this look I’m wearing a blue, marled, swing dress from Old Navy, my favorite pair of LuLaRoe leggings, and my beloved black boots from Payless.  And then I topped it with the red cape!  I feel über feminine in this outfit!

I especially like the layers of color around the hems of the cape and the dress.


The ruffles around the top always make me smile!  The neckline is just right.  It keeps my neck nice and warm but doesn’t choke me at all.


I think I’ll be able to use the cape from time to time even as the temps warm up since it’s made of fairly lightweight fleece.  It will be nice to toss on over a t-shirt and jeans when I see a movie or go out for an evening date when evenings are still chilly.

So that’s my style perspective for wearing a wrap these days!  I’m looking forward to wearing some of my lighter-weight wraps as we’re working into warmer, springtime weather.

(Am I the only one who practically has to wear a parka to prevent frostbite in a movie theater?!?  Sheesh!)


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17 thoughts on “Style Perspectives: How Would YOU Wear It? #1

  1. Ummmm…I totally need this cape in my life! Wish I had a Cracker Barrel close! Love this look from head to two!! Cute!! Thanks for linking up with

      1. Isn’t it fun! Keep an eye out next autumn/winter! Maybe they’ll have them in stores again then. If you don’t have a Cracker Barrel nearby I guess you’ll just have to go on a road trip somewhere!

  2. Wow, this color is so pretty on you! I had no idea that Cracker Barrel had clothes. We don’t have one where I live, but I always go there when I visit my mom in Arizona.

    1. You never know what you mind find in a Cracker Barrel shop! Sometimes they have cute clothing items. Maybe you can check next time you’re in Arizona! Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Yaaaaayyyyy!!!! So glad you joined us!! And I love the cape and how you styled it! The colors play so well together! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next week!

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