Five Things Friday: Together Time

Five Things Friday: Together Time

My husband and I will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary in May!  By the grace of God (and I truly MEAN that!) we’ve grown closer and closer together over the years.  We had to learn some things the hard way, but one thing we’ve strongly believed and committed to from the very beginning is that spending time together is important.

That seems like a “duh” statement, but when you take into account that he worked nights most of his 27-year Air Force career, was away for months at a time, and that I worked days some of those years, spending time together has always required effort and planning.  It wasn’t easy, but we were determined to make it happen.

And we still are!  It’s STILL important!  Maybe even more than ever.

Here are five things we enjoy doing together these days:

Kayaking:  Our first experience kayaking was with Blue Planet Kayak in Key West, Florida  in the summer of 2012.  Now THAT’s a good place to get hooked on kayaking, and we were well and truly hooked immediately!  We later did more guided kayak tours with other companies closer to home, and last year we invested in our own kayaks.  These pictures are from local kayaking on the Ogeechee River…where we give the ‘gators a wide berth!




Camping:   Gene and I both grew up camping, his family on the sandbank of a river, mine at the KOA.  I’m still a KOA girl!  I love to camp as long as I have a hot shower and a toilet nearby!  We camped with our kids when they were growing up, and the family rule always was, “Let’s just all bear with one another until we get the tent up.  After that we’ll be okay.”  That was always THE WORST part of the whole trip!  Last year Gene and I bought a new tent, and it’s a real game changer!  I’ll post more about that soon because we’re headed to the Sesquicentennial State Park in South Carolina in a couple of weeks for our first camping trip of the year. This pic is from our last camping trip, at the Richmond Hill KOA just down the interstate from us.



Hiking:  It kind of goes along with the camping and kayaking theme, but we do like a nice hike!  For our 25th anniversary we went “out west” and did a lot of hiking (and camping) in the national parks in and around Utah.  Some of the trails were pretty challenging, but we had a lot of fun.  Gene is incredibly patient with me on the trails!  He calmly waits for me to catch my breath after the steep climbs!  Here we are at Delicate Arch in (wait for it!) Arches National Park.



Shooting Handguns:  This is a new hobby for us.  I went with Gene the first time just so I could be with him.  I was shocked at how much fun it was!  We go to a local range, shoot for a while, and then grab dinner or maybe a coffee somewhere.




Eating Out:  We really enjoy trying new-to-us restaurants, especially local, non-chain places.  We live near Savannah, so the good news is that we have PUH-LENTY of places to choose from!  Today we hit up The Green Truck Pub.  We’ve been wanting to try this place for a long time, and it did NOT disappoint!  (Review is coming soon!  I think I’ll need to go back again for more pictures!  Yep.  MUST do more research!)


So those are five of the many things we enjoy doing together!  What do you and YOUR spouse/significant other enjoy doing together?  (Keep it G-rated, people!)


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4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Together Time

  1. 1. Racing both watching and racing go karts. We met at a near by track. We have enough been to several races and watch on tv. We also go to a local them park and race go karts.

    2. Music we enjoy all kind of music and we love to attend concerts.

    3. Football we enjoy watching highschool and college football both on tv and going to see his old high school team play.

    4. Fishing I am from Miami and He is from Ga so fishing has always been a part of our lives and w enjoy that as a family and when is just us two.

    5. The beach like I mentioned I’m from Miami so any chance we can getaway and is hot he such a good husband he take sme too the beach.

    1. That’s a great list, Christi! You and your hubby are a great team! I thought about you guys last night, actually. Gene and I went to The Time of Your Life Tour: Among the Thirsty, Unspoken, Chris August, and The Afters. I knew you guys would’ve loved the concert!

      1. Aww how sweet I’m glad you got to go the concert. Chris August is defenitlty one that I would like to go see. Still looking foward to one day seeing Casting Crowns lol.. I so miss my friend I sure enjoy reading your blog and catching up with you through social media.

  2. We enjoy many of the same things!

    1. The beach. I mean, I married a coastal engineer, for crying out loud!

    2. Books. We don’t usually read the same kinds of books but we used to go to Barnes and Nobles and the library our first year of marriage (we had no TV) and peruse the shelves. Then we’d share what we found with each other.

    3. Running. He’s much faster than I am but we share our mileage, splits, how we felt. Today we ran a half marathon race together! (He finished 40 mins before me.)

    4. Camping. When we were first dating we went camping in N GA and that trip pretty much convinced him I was the one.

    5. Eating (and drinking. We also like to explore local cuisine and try to find the cute local spots wherever we go.

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