Six Things Saturday

Six Things Saturday

Six things I’m savoring today:

(1) The Harry Potter Series.  I finally read the books.  All of them.  In the last month.  Now I miss my new friends!


(2)  Cool temperatures and sunshine.

(3)  Valentine’s Day.  I love celebrating love!  (Image is from Crosscards.)


(4)  Staying up way too late to finish a book and sleeping in the next morning.  (See #1!)

(5)  Getting a photo of and texting with my Airman!  I miss him!


(6)  Spending time with my daughter!  In the past few days we have seen “Beauty and the Beast” on stage, cleaned our church, run errands, and done a little shopping together.  Every moment with her is special!

What are YOU savoring today?


[Big thanks to In Residence for inspiring this post and to Making the Most of Every Day for joining in the fun!]




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