Of French Fries & Survivor

Of French Fries & Survivor

Okay!  It’s time to get back to my project!  I’ve tackled Item 1: Introduce Myself and Item 2: Twenty Facts About Me.

3.  Meaning of My Business Name.  Hmmmm.  Okay.  Well, if that’s referring to the name of my blog, outandback, it comes from the Mother Goose Rhyme, “To Market, To Market.”  You can read the whole thing here, but the line that was always used in my family when I was growing up was “home again, home again, jiggety-jig” said, obviously, when we arrived back home!  I knew I wanted to talk about “home” stuff here and “away” (travel) stuff too.  “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig” was too long to use as a blog name, so that became the subtitle and “outandback” became the condensed, catchy title!  Now you know!

4.   Earliest Childhood Memory.  My earliest, crystal-clear memories are from kindergarten.  I remember how we took turns bringing cookies for snack time.  And I remember practicing for graduation.  I was selected to read a passage from my reading booklet during the ceremony, and I was SO proud!  I’ve always loved books!

5.  My Guilty Pleasure.  Watching Survivor!  I know a lot of people don’t like it at all.  I enjoy the sociology of it all!  Truly!  And, well, Jeff Probst!


(Photo is from Survivor’s Facebook page.)

6.  Three Personality Traits I’m Proud Of.  God has spent forty-something years smoothing the rough edges and growing me.  By His grace I’m (1) quick to forgive, (2) quick to encourage, (3) quick to smile and laugh.  We won’t talk about the less admirable traits today!

7.  Ten Favorite Foods.  French fries, sweet potatoes, ham (pork, really), deep dish pizza, sticky toffee pudding, fried oysters, a really good burger, bacon, steak & ale pie, and my mom’s caramel cake.

What are some of YOUR favorite foods?  Are YOU a Survivor fan too?  Leave me a comment!


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3 thoughts on “Of French Fries & Survivor

  1. I loved Survivor for a while but I no longer watch it. It’s been several seasons really.

    Hmm. 10 favorite foods. Okay, here goes:
    1.”pane cafone” (italian crusty bread)
    2. neapolitan pizza (I have been known to cry while eating one!)
    3. ice cream
    4. cappuccino (do drinks count as food? because if they do then I might have to add wine)
    5. buffalo wings (the hot kind)
    6. a really good burger-and-fries combo (are meals allowed? because they go so well together)
    7. filet mignon (medium well, nothing bloody here folks)
    8. dark chocolate in many forms
    9. puffy cheetos (my little secret that’s not-so-secret now)
    10. EVOO-tomato-salt-on #1

    1. The most recent season of Survivor was the best ever! It was CRAZY! As for your favorite foods, THAT is why we’re such good friends! I don’t do hot wings (I’m a recent wing convert if they have BWW bourbon mustard sauce on them), but all the other foots I totally love! I thought I was the only person who nearly cried over a particular food. For me it was hush puppies at a little place in South Georgia. They truly did nearly make me weep!

      1. And I really did cry over my pizza in Naples last summer. My kids videod it.

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