No, not my super cape.  That seems to have gotten lost in the laundry somehow.  Sad, really.

I’m talking capes as in the things that will keep me warm now that winter is finally making a short appearance here in Coastal Georgia.  Do you like capes?  To me they seem to be one of those elegant pieces that are always stylish even if they’re not always trendy.

I recently discovered some at–wait for it!–Cracker Barrel!  Yep!  You know, the country store and restaurant found at every other exit along the interstate?  I had dinner with my parents at one of our local Cracker Barrels back before Christmas, and my mom caught me drooling over the rack of beautiful, winter capes.  There were several different colors and styles, but I fixated on a camel brown one and a deep red one.  My mom bought brown one for me for Christmas (Thank you, Mama!), and it’s LOVELY!

I liked that one so much I went back to the same Cracker Barrel yesterday hoping (1) they’d still have it, and (2) it would be on clearance.  They did still have ONE left!  And it was on sale!  Not clearance price, but a reduced price nonetheless.  Hooray!

I wore the brown one to church Sunday.  It kept me toasty while I was outside welcoming folks and hugging necks.


Oh, and did I mention it has POCKETS!!!  The faux fur collar is beautiful AND warm!

Today I took on the challenge of wearing white in winter, and I topped my outfit with my new, red cape!


(Apparently wearing white in winter is okay now!  But please don’t tell my mom I wore a white dress today, okay?  I’m pretty sure I’d be in trouble.)

I love the girly, frilly ruff on this one!  And it has pockets too!

These capes are made of a fairly lightweight fleece material, so they’re warm but not super thick or cumbersome.  I think I’m going to enjoy them a LOT!

So, do YOU like capes?  Would YOUR mom put you on restriction for wearing white in January?!?  Chime in below!  I’d love to hear from you!

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7 thoughts on “Capes!

  1. White after Labor Day… My mom might be ok with it now, but yikes my grandma would never!! Love reading your blog!!

  2. Love these! Especially the Little Red Riding Hood one! White after Labor Day is A-Ok in the new millennium!

  3. You looked just beautiful, as usual, in the stylish cape at church on Sunday! I have never been bold enough to wear one, but they are beautiful and look so classy and fun! They suit you! 🙂

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