Albert, Tattoos, & the Lottery

Albert, Tattoos, & the Lottery

Continuing with my challenge

8.  An old photo of me.  We’ll backtrack to this one another day!

9.  Piercings or tattoos?  Each ear (I have two) is pierced once.  That’s it for piercings, and I have no tattoos.  Boring me!  I’ve actually thought about getting a tattoo, but since EVERYONE is doing it now I probably will NOT do it!  If I got one, it would probably be a semicolon.  I may explain why in a later post!

10.  First celebrity crush.  Albert from “Little House on the Prairie.”  Seriously, who didn’t love Albert!  (He counts as a celebrity, right?!?)


11. Most proud moment.  Three moments come to mind.  I’d be hard pressed to rank them in order since they were significant for different reasons, so I’ll use letters instead of numbers!

A.  My husband’s retirement ceremony.  He served in the U.S. Air Force for 27 years, and his retirement ceremony STILL takes my breath away when I think about it!


B.  My daughter’s senior show when she graduated with her Photography degree.  She fought HARD for two full years and dealt with a lot of “life stuff” to complete that program, and she did it!  Her portfolio was (is) amazing!  She’s a gifted artist.

C.  My son’s graduation from U.S. Air Force Basic Military Training.  Seeing MY boy in uniform!  Knowing he’s signed that blank check to our country.  Watching the new way he moves and the confidence and strength he’s developed.  AND he was an Honor Graduate to boot!

12.  If I won the lottery…  How timely is THIS question!  The Powerball lottery is up to an estimated 1.3 BILLION dollars right now!  Craziness, I tell you!  A friend and I were talking today about what we’d do if we won.  (I don’t play the lottery, so the chances of my winning it are only slightly lower than all of those who DO play!)  I agreed with what she said she’d do.  We’d donate the money our church needs to build bigger facilities.  That would be the first thing.  After that I’d invest like crazy, buy my husband any car(s) he wants, and start traveling the world!  I’d bring friends with me too!  Wouldn’t that be FUN!!!

What would YOU do if YOU won the lottery?!?  Do YOU have a tattoo of a semicolon?!?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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3 thoughts on “Albert, Tattoos, & the Lottery

  1. Albert!! Loved him. Tattoos, nope but want a semi colon as well. Proud moments, wow, daily, and Bill and I got to name them. Blessings abound. Love your blog.

    1. So I’m not the only one who liked Albert, huh? Cool! Sounds like you know the significance of the semicolon tattoo! We should chat sometime! Thanks for the kind words about my blog! I appreciate them…and you!

  2. I’m intrigued by the semicolon tattoo! Pick me pick me (to travel with) if you win. I don’t play either. Those are some great proud moments! I, too, only have one hole in each ear, no other piercings and no tattoos. We can be boring, but well dressed, together.

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