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Springerize Your Wardrobe

Springerize Your Wardrobe

Spring is officially here, and I’m pretty excited about it!  Autumn fashion rocks my world.  It rocks my world for MONTHS since I live in Coastal Georgia.  (No winter here!)

Now it’s time to change things up.  We’ll have highs in the 80s all week, so it’s DEFINITELY time to change things up in a springtime direction!

My spring wardrobe could benefit from just a little updating.  Know what I mean?  I finally got a good handle on my wardrobe a couple of years ago with the Get Your Pretty On Style Challenges.  I learned how to shop wisely and how to put together multiple outfits from just a few pieces of clothing.  And it was FUN, y’all! 

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Get Your Pretty On!

Get Your Pretty On!

It’s the most wonderful FASHION time of the year!  Am I right, or am I right?!?  If you’re wanting to update your wardrobe and (A) need some help doing it or (B) want to have a lot of fun while doing it, I happily recommend the Get Your Pretty On Fall Style Challenge!

Click here to read all about it!

I’ve done several of these challenges, and I absolutely love them.  They taught me how to:

  • put together outfits that are trendy AND appropriate for my age
  • shop wisely.  (If I can’t style a piece of clothing at least 3 ways, I don’t buy it.)
  • accessorize confidently with a few, fun, affordable pieces.

PLUS I made a lot of great fashion friends with whom I’m still in touch!  (From all over the place, y’all!)

This challenge works well for all ages and body types.  You can spend as much or as little as you like on the clothes.

Click the link above to see how it all works!  Here are a few photos of my outfits from a previous fall challenge.

Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below!  Happy shopping!

(The link above IS an affiliate link, just FYI!)