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Savannah Bananas!

Savannah Bananas!

Last night we went with some good friends to see our first Savannah Bananas baseball game and had a blast! I’m not really a fan of baseball, but I rapidly became a Bananas fan!

The Savannah Bananas?!? I can hear you rolling your eyes! It’s a horrible name, right?!? Alas. This is what happens with the public is allowed to vote on the name of the team. (Whose idea was it to trust “the people” with such an important decision?!? LOL!)

Unfortunate name aside, this team knows how to throw a good party!

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Springtime Fun List – Update #1

Springtime Fun List – Update #1

Hello!  It’s time for an update on my Springtime Fun List!


A few weeks ago I shared a list of the things I want to do this spring.  Here’s the list:

  • Go to the beach at least twice.
  • Try two new restaurants in downtown Savannah.
  • Go to Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
  • Take a trip to Alaska.
  • Buy a new Easter dress.
  • Get a new, official (professional) picture of Gene and me.
  • Focus on Easter by observing Lent.
  • Make and put up some springtime decorations in the house.
  • Go kayaking in a new location.
  • Write at least one REAL letter or note to a friend each week.

Thanks to a little head start (since spring starts EARLY here in Coastal Georgia), I’ve actually made a lot of headway!

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Five Things Friday – All the Happy Happy Things

Five Things Friday – All the Happy Happy Things

My happy meter is pretty much pegged out these days, and I thought I would share a few happy things with you guys today!


1.  We’re camping this weekend!  It’s our first time out this year, and we were READY!  We stayed pretty close to home and don’t have a lot of stuff planned. Maybe a short hike tomorrow. Lots of relaaaaaxing is the primary goal!




2. I recently purchased this awesome, custom necklace from my local Plunder consultant!  I just love it!  It makes me really happy!


3.  Gene and I are going to the insanely crazy  St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Savannah next week!  Yikes!  I’m equally excited and terrified!  We purchased tickets from the Savannah Theatre, so we’ll have reserved seats, security, bathrooms, and lots of food.  Hopefully it’ll be a fun experience. Stay tuned!



4.  I’m gearing up for my first homeschool convention of the season!  I’ll be representing Sonlight Curriculum at the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE) Convention next month. My team and I are excited to get back in our NEW, BEAUTIFUL booth and talk to families about homeschooling with Sonlight!

5.  We’re getting details nailed down for our trip to Alaska in May!  I’ll be working at three homeschool conventions there and then we’ll get to see our son!  He’s stationed there with the Air Force, and I just can’t wait to see him and explore Alaska together!

Add to this list a visit from my oldest niece (#gabfest #shopping), the new Beauty and the Beast movie, flowers blooming everywhere, gorgeous weather, all kinds of great stuff happening at our church, getting to know new friends, a great Bible study for Lent…the list goes on and on!  I thank God for these opportunities!

What’s something happy going on with YOU today?!?  Leave a comment and let me know!  I’ll be happy to be happy with you!

Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries

Have you heard about Little Free Libraries?!? I hadn’t until recently. A friend of mine spent an afternoon finding some of the Little Free Libraries in her city, and I thought the whole thing sounded just amazing!

Little Free Libraries are “take a book, leave a book” book exchanges. Most of the libraries are small wooden boxes of some sort, and they hold a variety of books. Visitors may take a book and/or leave a book. Pretty cool, right? Little. Free. Libraries!

I spent an hour or so finding some of the Little Free Libraries around Savannah and took some pictures to share here!

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Wishing:  That I could nip away to the Caribbean for a week of reading on the beach.  Oh, wouldn’t that be loverly?


Craving:  Brioche French Toast at The Collins Quarter here in Savannah.  They make their brioche in house then top it with Drunken Fruit Compote (coconut vodka, y’all!  Who knew?!?), Candied Pecans and Bourbon-Maple Syrup.  I seriously need this again.  Soon!  (Note:  The vodka cooks out.  It’s all good!)

Going:  To the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, South Carolina next week.  I’m a curriculum representative for Sonlight Curriculum and will be in the booth all weekend meeting, encouraging, and advising homeschool families.  I heart homeschool families!  (We used Sonlight for 14 years in my house!  Homeschooled the kids all the way through with it!  It’s incredible!)

Wearing:  My new “Unstructured” flats from Clark’s.  These are some seriously comfortable shoes!


Learning:  How to pull my hair back and not look like a third grader.  *sigh*  My bangs have never been this long, and I’m experimenting with ways to pull them back.  I’m slowly getting better at braiding them while looking in the mirror, but I’m still nowhere close to getting a look that I can wear outside the house!

What are YOU wishing, craving, going, wearing, and learning these days?!?  Please share below!


Credit for this fun blogging prompt comes from a blog I always enjoy reading, in residence.  Check Anne out there, and visit Jenna at Gold & Bloom!