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Thanksgiving Baking & Forgetting Rule #2

Thanksgiving Baking & Forgetting Rule #2

I’m totally laughing at myself right now, so I just HAD to come over here and leave a quick note!  Remember those basic rules of cooking that my mom taught me?  Yep.  I just went and totally blew #2: read the recipe all the way through BEFORE you begin!


I’m making Southern Living’s Ambrosia Pudding Pie for Thanksgiving.  My pumpkin pies are already baked and cooling on a rack, so I started in on the ambrosia pudding pie.  First step:  make lemon curd.  COOL!  I’ve never made that before!  I work through those steps and then read, “Chill for 4 hours or up to 3 days.”  WHOOPSIE!  Thankfully I have plenty of time this afternoon, so it’s all good, but this could have been quite the tragedy!

I’ll just let the curd cool whilst I move on to making Texas Sheet Cake Cookies.  I won’t make them too big this time.



If you still need a quick, delicious pumpkin pie recipe, I shared Grandma’s recipe here!



Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Let’s count our blessings whilst we prep for this great holiday!



Favorite Cookbooks, Part 2

Favorite Cookbooks, Part 2

Yesterday I showed you some of the first cookbooks I used.  One of them was the Fannie Farmer Cookbook.  That is STILL my go-to cookbook, even after all these years!  Mama has–and still uses–the 1965 edition.  I bought a copy before I got married, and then later I upgraded to the 1996 edition.


Even if you have never cooked in your whole life, you could pick up this book and cook successfully.  The directions for the recipes are clearly explained, and the recipes run the gamut from scrambled eggs to sugar cookies to broiled lobster, and everything in between!

I go to my Fannie Farmer Cookbook when I need really solid, helpful information about food/cooking and when I need recipes for normal, everyday food.  Some of my favorite recipes are Chicken Tetrazzini, Cornbread, and Old-Fashioned Beef Stew.

Bonus Information:  Fannie Merrit Farmer, known as the mother of level measurements, first published her cookbook in 1896 as The Boston Cooking-School Cookbook.

For more trendy recipes–and olden goldies too–I go to Southern Living magazine.  My goodness, can these people cook!  This is the only magazine I subscribe to right now, and I look forward to getting it every month.  I grab a glass of tea and snuggle onto the sofa for a nice, long read!


I shared my most favorite Southern Living recipe with you here.  I’m having a blast with their fall baking recipes, and I just got the November issue which is chock full of Thanksgiving recipes!  The Thanksgiving recipes aren’t on their website yet, so get thee to the supermarket and buy a print copy of this issue, pronto!

Bonus Information:  Rick Bragg’s article, the last thing in every issue, is just the BEST!  It’s funny and heartwarming and just a really satisfying read.  I make myself wait and save it for last!

What are YOUR favorite cookbooks or sources for recipes?  Please share in the comments below!  I love follow-up conversations after a blog post!

This is Day 19 of the Write 31 Days blogging challenge and Michael Ann’s Kitchen!  Thanks for stopping by!



Plan to Eat

Plan to Eat

Today I want to tell you about a tool I use in the kitchen ALL the time!  It’s Plan to Eat, an online recipe organizer/meal planner/grocery list generator.

I don’t know about you, but I find a lot of recipes online these days.  Plan to Eat allows me to capture those recipes with ONE simple click and save them to my online recipe book so I can easily find them later.  I like this a lot!  No more printouts of recipes crammed into a notebook with hundreds of other printouts of recipes.

THEN Plan to Eat lets you access those already-sorted-into-categories recipes and drag them onto a meal plan.  Seriously!  It’s that easy! Click here to take a tour of Plan to Eat, and then read on to see how I’ve used it today.

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